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Discussion: Do truth seekers have a ‘way out’?

If the world is a business, one key question arises through the uncertainty: Is there a way out? How can we navigate the reality we are a part of?

On a recent episode of the Crazz Files Podcast, Adam from The Crazz Files and Corey explore workable solutions to major problems in hopes of positively effecting the individual.


Heading Down the Yellow Brick Road

The process of awakening can be painfully emotional, because we shed away much of the constructs, beliefs and patterns that we had surrounded ourselves with and accumulated over the course of many experiences.

Humans go through life with many false notions of the world and of themselves. They build up masks and believe the facades. It’s all a charade. It is all based upon illusions and deceit.

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Member Circle: Glass Ceiling | Nov 2019

How much of what we see on the television screens is actually real? How many narratives peddled by the establishment can be exposed as fabricated after being examined with objectivist logic?

On the latest Member Circle Podcast, Ethan and Jordan recap the latest membership piece and also offer an objective analysis of fakery in current news cycles, including the recent Code War event, Big Brother PR Hoax and the ongoing Australian bush fires.

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Discussion: Empowerment, cash ban, gender theory

An individual who eagerly faces reality, while striving to make their own life the highest moral purpose, will demand the freedom to think and pursue happiness.

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News and General Maddox from Real News Australia discuss top stories during the season hiatus and stepping outside of the victimhood mentality in pursuit of truth.

Do you see yourself as a victim? | FFT

The internet is full of wild-eyed insinuations that powerful people have hatched plots to bring about certain outcomes which will lead to the end of free humanity.

In the following Food For Thought discussion, we examine the underlying psychological traits that have prevented alternative thinkers from implementing real changes to escape the lie system and the need to break free of engineered mental prisons.

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