September 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “Elon Musk launches new AI company to ‘understand reality’

  1. Yeah, I don’t trust Musk much at all, he seems too much like controlled opposite in my view! He portrays himself as a likeable down-to-earth character, someone who you could strike up a conversation with and unlike people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg who come across as creepy and somewhat unpleasant to be around. So you can see how Elon Musk can attract more conservative type people by using the correct buzzwords like “muh free speech” so can gain the trust of these people, whilst at the same time working towards the same transhumanist agenda as these other tech billionaires!

  2. Elon Musky business- Understanding Gravity. here’s an easy EX A.I. experiment – SAFE & EFFECTIVE.
    Step 1; Take An A.I. Device. Inform some of your Other (Actual NOT A.I, or Virtual) Friends – OOPS, you have None, ‘Actually’, Just TWITS! O.K., we’ll call some other Notable Clowns for you. Maybe robotic, Pasty looking ZuckerBug, & Bill Gates ( Always a candidate for reminder OF Coming back to ‘Earth’) – Good News, the 3 of You could cash in your CIA Seed money, & be replaced by ‘fresh Facebooks’, DARPA-ending on Spare ‘Chappie Chassis’ aVEILable.
    Step 2; Take your NEO friends plus appropriate A.I. Receptickles ( maybe ‘Optimus’ new HumanAnnoid Robot for ‘Optimal effect’). Find any Building above 52 stories in height [age related for Entertainment & Physics/ ImPACT Ground effects – So A.I. can ‘get’ a FOOL UNderstanding. As Extras to THE ExperiCement, ( Not willing to waste Valuable Intel & More Cost savings, added into META & TWIT personnel redundancies), the A.I. ‘Unit’ Can study Emotions at the same time, by Holding a ‘Mother Board’, & Spirituality, Plus ‘Facing the Music’ by ACTion parameters by Angle- er sorry, Angel HAARP ‘Onboards’, in a DEMONcratic Scenario. .
    Step 3; Contact Human/ A.I. ARSEimulation protagonist – Noah I’m A No Ferrari. Get Him/It/They Singular to stand at Ground Floor – Solo – IN the Drop Zone [ He can wear a Transformers outfit, to ‘Set the Mood’ – Optimus Prime Maybe, for Next Generation CON-TIN -Annuity] , with a Small catch blanket – Preferably NOT from any previous/ curRENT CERN/ WEF/ IMF SacriOfficial Rites origins!
    Step 4 – The Last Step; ALL holding Hands- Maybe ZipTied together, with Cranial mounted Selfie mounts , Switched to Record in True Living Colour, And Step Forward into ‘Galaxy ‘Z’ ( No Russkies involved), BUT, Ground Rushes ARE!
    Welcome to the Wonderful world of Gravity!
    A.I. speaks; “Elon? Can you equate 9.8m/s/s from this height?”
    Elongated Musk; “Yes Optimus, let’s GOOOooooo! 9.8/ SPLAT! WHO? Who , left that balcony in the way?”
    Meanwhile at pavement level, the ‘Dummy’ Optimus Prime [ Noah You’va No Ferrari}, is abducted by freelance scrap Metal merchants, & has a meeting of Minds with an A.I. operated Metal crusher – NOT, the Interactive experience He/ (They singular) had envisioned as – The Process!
    Good News; UNfortunately, the Three Clowns, tied to ‘Optimus’- who WAS Still eager to Experience A.I. gravity Effect, pulled ALL & sundry from their Balcony refuge! – If only The 3 Amigos had had a Back up plan! – Maybe employed a Bigger ReLIEable Clown, with even larger safety Sheeting. A laundry owner maybe?
    VoldiMortal StolenSkyy UKR; “Yes, VoldiMortal here. DAH! Tell your A.I., what goes up, must come down – I have Patriot missile battery. I shoot up [ The drugs are another story] ,It very expensive but I No pay [ the drugs as well]. The American Rocket Shit, hit Nothing, then it comes down. So tell your Optimus, stay inside the Building! Oop! Too late. I see on TWIT, AND, Off Myfacebook – It Too late! Funny! Why is that Robot still counting on the Concrete? I think that’s what they call Ground effects!”

    WHERE, do they GET, these ‘People’ from?

    1. ‘Truth’ Young Alaska – In the CONtext of MUSKy Business, IS, that a Space ‘X’ (does X, actually mean ‘NOT’ in actual ‘Space’?) – Sorry! – IS that Space ‘X’ launched it’s SN15 [1] Starship Rocket. from it’s Boca Chica launch pad in TexArse USA, which lasted – Oh about – NOT ENOUGH!
      Good News all round; 1) Everybody NOT on TWIT land ( Still with a Job, & / OR Not ousted onto the Street by an UNderstanding Bank!) would see this as a ‘Failure’, but OH NO! It’s rated as a ‘Success’- Hooray, I’d hate to see WHAT qualifies as a failure!
      2) NOT happy with the peasants NOT Kowtowing to the Green WEF/ UN/IMF/Globulists Agenda, & Pollution Central = Again the Peasants, ALL The USer Govt bureaus incl the EPA, U.N. partners & Dire ClimbAPE Scientists, Donned their respective Blinkers & watched Another/ Larger rocket Temporarily CONtribute to Another hole in the Earth’s Swiss Cheese OZONE layer, via rocket PROpellents – ALL is NOT lost! = And NOW! A –
      Sponsored Ad; “DRAG OUT the Wretch which WE Identified as CO2= WITCH! WITCH! WITCH!
      3) Our ILLustrious Social Media Champion of THE FREE WORLD – GIVE IT UP FOR – ELON/Gated!

      On the Spot @ Boca Chica Mexi/Texi Neo news reporter Chico Juarez; “& So Signor Musk, Do you have any pictures of Your Rocket?”
      Musky Business; “”Yes, we’ve got a few.”.
      Chico; “Signor Musk, you have the pictures of SN going UP, but do you have any pictures of it SN, Coming Down?”
      Musky B; “Not at this moment! All said and done, this is a Suck, Suck, Success! About 350 Seconds of success, So there!”
      Chico; “No pictures on da Down. DO YOU WANT TO BUY SOME? Also included in Gallery of Photos, are The Wild life sanctuary ‘Interactivities” with Your Rocket Debris. SUCCESS??”
      1] SN – 15 Starship = Still Not , a ‘Starship’! Hmm SN-15, where’s the other 14?

      In other related news today, J.P. Morgan employers Admitted that they were given Much better Life Insurance Survival Odds/ Deals, going up in Musky Business’s LaTEST SN-15 failed rocket, than they Would have got Submerging in a Oceanic Tech Sub down to the Wreck of RMS Olympic, to Erase the 2 Remaining Propeller Serial Numbers!

  3. Why is Elon concerned about truth? Aren’t we are living in a marxist “post-truth” era? He needs to beware of hubris, which as we have seen recently, can prove fatal to billionaires…or anyone. And beware that female robot (perhaps called Optimiss?)…she looks like the robot in the film “Ex Machina”…didn’t she end up killing her creator?

  4. He is playing his role well as the space and free speech ambassador for the Royal Society and those with less discernment think he is a saviour of sorts. Smoke and mirrors as usual.
    At least he can sell us flame throwers from his Boring Company to help destroy all his neuralink controlled robots when they rise up to claim sentient rights while wearing rainbow coloured armour.

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