October 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “United Nations chief blasts “outdated” world financial system

  1. Under the NWO, Local Australian Government/S- Redundant! Banking/ Insurance/ Financial Executives – Redundant! Related Infrastructure/ Systems – Redundant! The Resources Sector – ‘The SPICE Must Flow’ – Import/ migrant UNJabbed workers – Maybe. Security Systems/ personnel – ‘Risky business’.
    The Neo Local Ides of March, a citizen speaks;
    “WE, THE United identified ALL, as Indigenous Citizens, Now call the United Nation’s Staff & Collaborators as A Public Nuisance, & as Roman Lore Demands their NON Existence by ALL Means necessary, WITHOUT Public securities Nor Protections. Let their Lifeless bodies At Citizenry hands be dumped into the Neo Tiber, without prosecution, Nor emotion! So say the NEO Senate & Peoples Republic of the NEO Territorial Order of Humanity. Fore ‘They’ Would have, HAVE had, YOU treated NO Differently. There IS Sanctuary & Security in The Masses of the NEO Awakened, HEALthy & Useful Citizens of the SymBioTopic created Republic of Phalanx!! Rid us now, of this UNnatural Malignancy!”
    Speaking to the Already awake, is becoming ‘Cyclic’. The ‘system ‘, like ALL UNbalanced systems, implodes by the day. The Best thing I could hand to a Member/ CONtributor (Any Race/ skin tone, Sexual orientation/ operations, profession – Equal opportunity), to/ of our Current Malignant Woes, If they required ‘Help’ whilst drowning, is a Concrete building block, Or Two!
    The Wanna Be ‘Rulers/ TechNoCrats’, Fail the Remembrance Test. When They take ‘All’ from the Major group, under repression or false narrative parameters, Eventually the ‘Repressed’ Group, returns favour, and Takes MORE THAN ALL, back from the original instigators – WITHOUT emotion!

    1. NOPE! Just forgot. HOW Can a un-United Nation’s Muppet ‘Blast’ World financial systems, That THEY, ALL CO OPERATED in IT’S ‘Manufacture/ Instalment/ PROTECTION/ Maintenance & Fertilisation’ since IT’S ‘Creation’?? – And, ‘THEY’ wouldn’t happen to have A ‘Solution’, just Waiting ‘Off Stage’? LOL! SOOOOoo TRANSparent – Sorry Rainbow Warrior, that shouldn’t refer to other U.N. Coordinated Agendas. It should be SOOOoo Transparent. – The ‘Other’ AIN’T Biologically possible.

  2. Yeah, yeah , make the ” call” heads I win , tails you lose,:! Yes , a better World, where the debt is digitalised into
    another identity of Social Credit, and all Youse hue- mains gets the blame, OUR outdated Colonial System,
    An Invention of Colonials, and Who would that be? Mmmm? It’s always notable that all the remedies of reinvention, are a win, win, situation;? That the whales in the ocean , won’t have to dodge Nuclear Subs, and
    high frequency defensive interfaces, of war machines, Wow, how do we earthlings afford all of the luxury of
    digital technology, disappearing Trillions,? Space Force, Deep State, ? Outdated Financial System, gee, its been doing great work , wasn’t it, Financing The Empire; and the ” Legal Theft” as you know, possession is 9/10ths of the law of Criminal acquisitions, sort of a Colonial System thing , right, it’s mine, cause my guns are
    bigger than yours , or in this case of Colonial Digital Acquisition, Weza gonna makes Youse an offer Youse cants refuse, weza owned your ass, before, now weza gonna own it ALL, property, the cash, the bank ,the grocery store, and remember, weza doin you a favour right, Sustainable Life, CITI- ZEN: like it has always
    been, now any pretext of illusion, is to be removed the Vail in the holy of holies is to be lifted, what does it
    reveal ; hue- mains the same parasites: of yore:

  3. Guterres and his like make me want to vomit. Here he is playing his baleful role in yet another Hegelian dialectic play to usher in CBDC and other pillars of the planned NWO fascist surveillance society.We will defeat these scum by exposing their plan and refusing to comply…it ain’t rocket science.

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