October 1, 2023

6 thoughts on “Human trials for Elon Musk’s brain chip startup getting ready to launch

  1. AND, ALL of this from a ‘DROP KICK’, SORRY! He’s ‘PAYIN’ DA MONEY’! A MULTI BILLIONAIRE (STILL) ‘DROP KICK’ who said “WE are Killing ourselves with Technologies!” – SAY WHAT?
    Next time MR ‘Drop Kick’ goes to COP # Whatever, maybe HE could take some BASELINE Science with him AND, ‘Please Explain’, WHY, HIS Rocket Platforms, for THE ‘WUNDERBAR’ Satellite ‘SPASTIK X’ (Because HE must be somewhat ‘Retarded) are ‘BURNING multiple HOLES’ in OUR Ozone layer! Perhaps we’ll call it Swiss X. Citizenship – South Africa – S.A., then Canada C, then U.S. = SACUS – O.K Mate – YER FIRED! & NOT via Rocket! WE don’t need ANOTHER ‘Hole’ in Space!
    Think for your self , WITHOUT an ‘Implant’? Has ANYONE seen the APPARENT ‘SANE’ Humans globally on the Planet under ‘COVID 19 AD NAUSEAM?’
    OMG! SAY WHAT? ‘Hamster’ – Rodents belonging to the sub family Cricetinae, which Contains – NO! – ’19’ Species. Hamster comes from German Word ‘hamstern’, meaning to ‘Hoard’! Doesn’t like other Hamsters nearby, likes living in the Dark. CRAP! I thought that hamster on the Treadmill looked like Bill Gates! Wonder if Elon ‘Knows’ WHO is in the Basement?

  2. Never trust a salesman whose name sounds like a cheap deodorant.

    Implants in the brain? Doesn’t he already know we have self-organising circuitry that can be sprayed in the air, breathed in, put in the water and food, or, for those who need a real intelligence boost, injected? No implant, no surgery required!

    I smell distraction.

  3. No chance that these brain implants will be limited to helping people with disabilities, of course…oh no, we have to embrace the whole transhuman dystopia.

  4. this is new money (big tech) vs old money (schwab, qe2, rockfella’s, eurotrash royals, etc)

    the new money doesn’t want to use children for their body parts & regenerative infant blood by kidnapping/disappearing children from wars/refugee camps/famine like the old money does

    maybe the new money has a conscience or at least prefers a less brutal way of doing things, who knows?

    either way, the so called elites (gates, musk, besos, et al) are working night & day for the actual elites (blu bloods) to extend all their lives so they can fulfill as many fantasies as they can before they turn into dirt.

    the real elites don’t do it for money, they own all the money already, it’s these big tech/big pharma rats that yearn for more so they too can live out their fantasies, albeit at differing levels.

    if these brain chips, drugs, nano-techs progress as hoped by the real elites, then all of us chipped serfs will only need to be fed & watered to do menial jobs & only serve them & their progeny ie; only those things that robots/androids can’t do… yet.

    musk is going all in with his “futuristic” outlook but the deep elites behind his “innovations” have bigger plans by saturating lower orbit with thousands of interconnected satelites to overwhelm the atmosphere where no-one can avoid being seen, heard & manipulated with satelite frequencies that affect our brainwaves without us even knowing it. that is what isn’t being told or is withheld by these new tech co’s.

    until these projects are ready, we, the everyday sheeple/epsilon’s, will be distracted by diseases, wars, alphabet genders, left/right ideas & all the other bullshit the media throws at us to keep the attention away from the bigger picture.

    we won’t know these projects are complete until after they are fully deployed & by then it will be too late to do anything about or reverse the effects. as always, there won’t be any laws or limitations before any such tech is up & running & those who serve their masters above, will only do something if they are told to by those same masters.

    i believe no matter how advanced or sophisticated these psychos get to achieve their sick goals, there will always be enough of the unwilling to overturn & destroy these so called advancements when it comes down to my life & my family vs obedience & conformity.

    afterall, all the tech in the world no matter how advanced, still needs people to invent it, use it & tell it what to do. it only takes 1 to pull the right plug & it comes crashing down, then we’re back to square one to re-invent the next (hopefully better ) world



  5. Why would you want to put a microchip in your brain from a douche bag that can’t even get the AI right in his cars, is polluting our atmosphere with thousands of dangerous 5G micro satelites, rips off his customers by selling dodgy electric cars that don’t last as long as they should, and spontaneously catch fire that can’t be put out, and recently claimed that “We are killing ourselves with technology.”!

    Elon Musk is a psychopathic low-life scumbag piece of shit that should be in prison for his crimes against humanity!

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