October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Discussion: ChatGPT and Machine Learning

  1. Nice one, General & colleagues. “Sovereign citizen movement not surprising [and indeed necessary] as governments have let us down so badly [and have revealed themselves as our enemy].”

    Andy: “[ChatGPT] is a really dangerous path…replacing the human mind.”

    Who needs humans now? ChatGPT can do anything. No wonder the global-parasites are busy sickening and culling the herd.

    The above comment was written by ChatGPT with my instruction: “Provide a brief comment appropriate for the GKP S5/E7 podcast.”

    Just joking. ChatGPT would have written something like: “Welcome to the Brave New World. You are now redundant.”

    Thank goodness it will be unable to replicate The General, due to its inability to include cuss words.

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