October 2, 2023

2 thoughts on “Anti-fluoride campaigners force release of bombshell study in EPA lawsuit

  1. I’m in W.A. Amazingly, THE EPA (Watch Doggie/ Thingy Something – about as Useful as the DILLIGAF Assoc., THE TGA or a Concrete Aircraft) at the base level ‘Ban’ Fluoride ‘Products’, from being released into the Environment, during processing of Alumina, Fertilizers, & further afield – Nuclear enrichment. BUT, IT IS O.K. to Dissolve it in Drinking water (Apart from Neurological problems, there is the issue of Skeletal Structural compromisations – How do folks think this crap gets thru your Body – Bloods transport system, which also traverses Bone), UNcontrolled Dumping of 1080 ‘Baits’ across the Landscape – Active agent Fl (Where are the RSPCA on this ‘Painless CONtrol of Feral animals, AND, the range of Flourine Chem/pHARMa products such as Antibiotics- Fluoroquinolones.
    Manufacturers SDS on Fluorosilicic acid, DOESN’T recommend putting in Water supplies’, OR down drains & waterways. Nothing like Óbserving’ A ‘Manufacturers’ SDS advice – Probably carries on from CONJAB-19 SDS, & issues therein, which the Resource/ Retail Sector, CAN NOT read Baseline Info = THE SPICE MUST ALWAYS FLOW!
    Issues with Haloids – Fluoride/ Bromide/ Iodine- (Weaker of the Family & easily displaced), has Long been Known, way back to the 1930’s. Haloids ‘Suitcase’ Alumina passed the Blood brain barrier, where the Effects of Alumina as a Neuro toxin, SHOULD be WELL KNOWN. See a Mr A. Wakefield and others who have brought this ISSUE, to Authorities attentions (ALUMINIUM), & it’s DIABOLICAL effects on Brain operations – Usually get PooBarred by MSM/ Govt/Pharma- Chem/ MS Research- CorpoRAT Cabals!
    Other useful Tips; Maybe a usual PRE Alumin aerosol trail before ‘Cooking Up’ The Landscape, As Climate Change.
    Good News; You’ll probably NOT be notified that Haloid – Bromide- Is listed as ‘Bread Improver’ on Your Baking products- Just Add Alumina (Maybe a Jab or 2), to complete THE ‘Blanking’ Gelfling Experiment -Skeksis provided by a Bureaucratic System, Operational near Ewe!
    How many THOUSANDS of Tonnes of Fluoride, have the above Índustries’, with Govt ‘Help’, NOT had to ‘Safely Stockpile’ since the 60’s swindle, & is dissolved in the Water Supply’? And YES, Alumina IS in the SAME water – Used for Turbidity, And used in Waste water Treatment plants, during ‘Processing’, then deployed across the Landscape (Spray fields etc.), But WE, The Gov., ARE HERE for You & THE Environments ‘Protection’! – BAAH RAAM EWE!
    Canberra; Since 1964; 100% Fluoridated water = THAT FIGURES – SO MANY BRILLIANT ‘DECISIONS’ SINCE!!
    Good Job. 1] MOST Govt depts, including Water Authorities, Sorry- Water Utilities, ONLY drink ‘Bottled
    Water’! – CONfidence in Product, EH WHAT! (At least something in Common with GMO Laboratories – ONLY Organics Served in their Restaurants!)
    & 2]\UNfortunately, THE programmed Fluro population, seem to have Generationally Morphed into Jab believers & God CONsendSUSS Science.

  2. No wonder most Australians showed such a cowardly, compliant response to the imposition of govt tyranny during the coronahoax…dumbed down by decades of exposure to a combination of the neurotoxin fluoride in the water supply, numerous vaxxes since birth (all of them toxic with no benefits whatsoever…and imagine the response now, after more than two years’ exposure to the daddy of them all, the quax), tell-lie-vision, dumbed-down leftist “education”, high-sugar food and numerous other toxins. A nice recipe for turning out “slaves on a digital plantation.” That’s if the quax don’t get ’em first.

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