Mandatory fluoridation in Queensland scrapped

Minister for Health, Lawrence Springborg MP

The mandatory addition of fluoride to Queensland water supplies will abolished today following an overwhelming response to a e-petition entitled ‘Ending the practice of fluoridation of Queensland’s water supplies’ on the website of the Queensland Government.

The petition, initially started by Robbie Hook, soon gathered the support of Liz Cunningham MP, and began gaining momentum throughout the state of Queensland, with the goal of removing mandatory Fluoride from Queensland water supplies:

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House the ineffective and unsafe practice of fluoridation of public water supplies. Sodium fluorosilicate a class 56 poison by-product of phosphate fertiliser manufacture is allowed to be added to public water. Residents have little choice but to use fluoridated water forced upon them without permission.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to immediately cease the practice of water fluoridation in the State of Queensland.

After closing on the 28th of October, the petition had gathered 1,566 signatures, and was referred to the Minister for Health, Hon Lawrence Springborg MP on the 1st of November.

After a long delayed response to the people of Queensland, Mr. Springborg has finally replied today in a letter addressed to Mr Neil Laurie, Clerk of the Parliament from the Queensland Parliamentary Service, officially addressing what was reported last week.

The letter reads:

Fluoride Letter

We have already seen changes taking place, with Bundaberg Regional Council now celebrating a victory in its battle against the forced fluoridation of its water, having decided to remove the chemical from supplies on November 30th. Tablelands water will also not be fluoridated, as a result of intense and persistent lobbying by the Member for Barron River, Michael Trout.

Previously, Local Governments would have to apply for an exemption to remove Fluoride, with most communities not being eligible to do so. Now, with official confirmation, all local councils will be eligible to follow in their footsteps.

This is a big victory for various groups throughout Australia that have been lobbying for years to remove Fluoride from water supplies, presenting documented evidence in hopes of alerting the public to what professionals have to say about the issue, even putting a film together a video to support the cause in 2011 (seen at the bottom of this article).

Could this be the beginning of Queensland becoming Fluoride free?

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  1. I got the same reply emailed to me. I gotta say i didn’t have high hopes. Great to see this small win coming our way. Now…we march on local government to eradicate this process of fluoridation altogether!

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