June 3, 2023

6 thoughts on “Study finds fluoride in most ready-to-eat infant products in Australia

  1. Yes, yet another component of The Epsilon Agenda enacted by the rotten “system” on the bulk of humanity, which “the system” despises. Doesn’t surprise me that there would be a median F level of 0.16 ppm (i.e. 160 ppb) in these foods. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and probable carcinogen that has never been shown in proper studies to reduce tooth decay in populations. It should never have been/be added to drinking water. And of course there will be some F in breast milk of women drinking fluoridated water.

    1. Exactly, I bought a filter system that takes out the poison. Fluoride was just a scam to get rid of a waste product that was going to cost the industry millions to get rid of.

  2. THIS has been done before – Flouride,- EXCEPT, Infant’s/ Children’s ‘Body Mass & Developmental & DevelopMENTAL’ ‘Interruptions’ ARE MUCH MORE CRITICAL!
    The POISON, that is Flouride – A ‘Haloid’, like Bromide, & their ‘Weaker Cousin Iodine -(At least Health beneficial, but Easily Displaced), – Haloids ARE KNOWN Carcinogenic ‘Encouragers’ AND ‘Suitcase Neuro Toxins (Aluminium Etc.,) Passed the Blood/ Brain barrier (& in pregnancy the Placental barrier- For which BOTH are not ‘Designed/Naturally Purposed’ as a ‘Chem Fire Wall’), with NET Serious ‘Issues’- And this IS at a Critical STARTING OF LIFE Phase!!
    ANY Moron, Illness System (Formerly referred to as ‘Health’, Personnel or ‘Institutions’), CAN use Logic AND Baseline Anatomical Processes, A] SEE, that a Chemical COCKTAIL, derived from INDUSTRIAL Processing, AND, is a ‘WASTE PRODUCT’- NOT PERMITTED to be ‘Released into the Environment’, by the E.P.A. because of TOXICITY ISSUES, should NOT come into Contact ‘With OR Ingested Into An Anatomy! [Better not mention ‘Indiscriminant release 1080 Baits here – Fl]’
    AND B] THE ‘Product’, in this case Flouride, – Question HOW, IF AT ALL, it gets to the ‘Target Delivery Zone’, aka; In this ‘PROMOTED’ System – Dental Enamel ‘Protection’! THEY, the ‘Promoters’ of UNnatural Breast ‘Alternates’, will have Folks ‘Believe’, THAT, A Mixed Breast Milk Imitation, Flouride Inclusive, Goes down an Infants throat, transitions from the stomach, travels thru the baby’s Transport System (Blood), Thru the Skeletal Structure ( & What happens if this Ca & Fl ‘Bond’? Possible Deformities, Weak structured Bone or Fractures & /or Micro Chrystiline Structures? – Anyone), Then there’s the Blood passing thru The baby’s CPU – Brain – Motor Neuron Issues – Bad enough in ‘Cumulative Effects’ on Adults! OH! and Apparently it Finally gets to ‘THE Teeth’ – It’s Purported ‘Target’ = YEAH RIGHT! ANOTHER ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE’ – ‘Outcome’!

    Nature Seems to have got IT RIGHT for 10’s of THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WITHOUT ‘Interferences’ by some ‘ALcheMIST’, trying to Reinvent the Wheel!
    How’s that ‘PROMO’ in Africa going, Where ‘Baby Formula’ mixed with DODGY Impure or NOT Potable local water, was AGGRESIVELY Promoted Over ‘Inferior’ & ‘Essential Nutrient Lacking’ Mothers breast milk – With obvious NEGATIVE HEALTH ‘outcomes’ – NESTLE?

    1. ER, forgot! Good luck with all those ‘Vegetable Oils’- ‘Soy’, & ‘Emulsifiers’ (Same) & ‘Taurines’ (No Bull – LOL) in ‘Formulas!- PLUS your ‘Flouri’DATED’ Water!

    2. Add that is is meant to dumb people down, keep them in zombie state. Yes I avoid all manufactured oils and soy products. Coconut oil is the only oil that does not go rancid.

  3. I always feel sad when parents have to resort to baby formula’s. Now they push formula onto toddlers, kids and even adults! On the guise of “we know what you need more than you do and you are don’t want to miss out on vital nutrients” What a load of crock, eat real food. They are all so unhealthy. I was lucky that my son was breast fed until 2 years old, wish it was longer but it ran out. We did not introduce formula or bottles, no dummies as well. Sippy cup with rice milk and real food. Closest thing to breast milk is avocado, should be babies first food, not all those prepackaged junk. By the way dummies are also called passifiers, to stop babies and toddlers expressing themselves, yep starts young. No baby or toddler needs those disgusting things.

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