November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Bunbury residents fight back against water fluoridation plans

  1. I wish them luck with that. Chemical companies did this to get rid of a buy product (just like chemtrails). There is absolutely no evidence that fluoride prevents tooth decay, it does so much damage to everyone’s health. But filter companies will be rubbing their hands together. I bought a ceramic filter system with a filter that gets rid of it and a lot more of the nasties, but a worthwhile investment.

    1. You are right, OK. Water fluoridation is just medical tyranny that violates The Nuremberg Code. Reminds me of covid, the quax and for that matter, vaccination per se…all fraudulent. As stated in the excellent “Firewater” documentary: “The so-called ‘science of fluoridation’ is so weak, how do they get away with it? Mass ignorance in the population combined with massive deviance by the fluoridation puppet masters.” Again, just like covid and the quax/vax.

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