October 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “60 Minutes reporter speaks with AI robot in eerie interview

  1. Elon Musk may want a pause so he can catch up, he is busy doing his Neruolink which just got approval for human testing by the FDA.

  2. Bored Shitless with Reruns of BiCentennial Man, The W.Rs (Well Resourced) have ‘Invested’, $ Billions In ‘Tech’, so that when the Technicians perish (Or ‘Others’ finally are ‘Bored’ with/of them),from CONJAB Version #66 ‘Complications’, RoboDog will suffer from an A.I. MIS/DIStemper Virus, & ‘Maul’ the W.R. Owner! = YES PLEASE!! OR, Doggy Parton, tired of Not being able to see passed her Bra Cup & singing ENDLESS Doughy Vaccine Lyrics 9 – 5, can have an intelligent CONversation with A Monkey with a Musk’y demeanour, @ the same Intelligence Level! (Apologies ahead of time – To the Monkey!)
    The Residual W.R.’s Couldn’t Pump up a tyre on a Poxy wheelbarrow – How do you think they’ll fare on RaptorDog’s ‘Maintenance’? – Be like the Drones currently trying to Put ‘Fuel’ in their ‘E’ Tesla’s- Persistent Idiots!
    Other; The W.R’s appear to be ‘Disgusted’ with the Useless Feeders & the Human ‘Form’, Then spend $Billions ‘Emulating’ the same in ‘Robotic Guise!’
    While Elon ‘Warns’, there’s NO A.I. PAWS/ Pause on RoboDog.- BUT, there’s ALWAYS an ‘Achilles Heel!’
    WOW! U.S. Army’s Robo Dog Sniper ‘Thingy’- Maybe a Cavalier Human with ‘Flare’ Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine – Could ‘Take it out’ – Environments/ Weather Conditions Optional! &, Where’d ‘They’ get the ‘Loot to Fund that’ A.I. MUTT (Military Unilateral Termination Technologies- Equal Opportunity – At least it doesn’t have a ‘TRANS’ Complex to Complicate Issues), CONsidering the ‘State of The Union’ IS BANKRUPT?( And STILL ‘We’ get a Poxy U.S 65c/AU$1 SWINDLE!) – The Atlantic Council’s ‘Loose Change’ left over from ‘Insurance Win-FALL, per N.Y 9/11 maybe, or pHARMa ‘Investments’ come to Fruition? LOOT ‘Syphonage’, from ALL of those NotForProfit ‘Funds’?
    The Planet’s Descending into a PLANNED Tragic Abyss with Skeptical Survivability, & we ‘Get – THIS!’
    George Carlin – Please come & get Me!

  3. That female robot reminds me of the robot in the film “Ex Machina” a few years ago…that story didn’t end well…at least for the humans.

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