September 25, 2023

10 thoughts on “HUMAN 2.0: Spiritual Warfare is Upon Us | Video

  1. Great stuff, but I still prefer my descriptor of “the global parasites” to “the inorganic ones.”
    And I wish more (just some, perhaps) of my relatives could show some signs of “awakening”…they are anything but “deep divers” at this stage.

  2. There is a term I found a few times now to describe the feeding/farming of energies by parasitic entities and that is “Loosh”
    Tis why we are only shown doom and gloom in the media to keep us in a state of fear, anger etc.
    If you can raise your vibration and really be selective what you watch and absorb it may help to retain your equilibrium. Easier said than done though with how society operates.
    Keeping breathing in that “good ass Prana” as our charismatic presenter states.

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