September 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “As pandemic treaty looms, ‘Disease X’ fearmongering begins

  1. As far as I am concerned, this is just another ploy to hand over any sovereignty of nations to the WHO,UN and the Cabal who think they are gods and can order the rest of society around for their own benefit. Also this is furthering the cabal’s one world government by them for “our own good”. This will either be something they are cooking up in one of those level 4 labs or just a made up disease, or disease turned on by 5G after the people and children have all had their jab with nanotech inside that is programmed to be turned on from the outside. Take your pick, it is all just one big psyop!

  2. Whatever they are cooking up no doubt it’ll be just as bogus as ‘Convid-19’ and no doubt will there be a vaccine hastily made or waiting in the wings for said disease.

  3. This is why this fear mongering is still going and people are getting tested still and wearing masks. If ‘they’ that are promoting this can keep it going then they can carry on with another one until there is no one left to resist, as the usual ones comply, and there’s no businesses or jobs to go to Getting at the children this time will of course make it easier to get parents to comply in fear for their children. It will take rare people willing to stand up no matter the odds. Better to stop it getting there than trying to fix it when it does.

  4. To think there are many folk “out there” who still believe the convid1984/quax nonsense. I just posted this comment on the Cory Bernardi Confidential weekend open forum:

    I went to a birthday lunch yesterday and towards the end found myself next to a lady from regional SA who revealed herself to be a classic small “l” Liberal who is heavily involved in the SA Liberal Party. She ran down Alex Antic and Cory (when I had said they were “right on the money re the important issues”) and was quite impervious to the notion that folk like her are the reason for the demise of the party.

    But it got worse…she took exception when I told her she was speaking to the #2 anti-vaxxer in SA, and she proudly stated that she had “had four covid vaccinations”. Despite what she had already said, I felt sorry for her and strongly advised her to have no more…because it would kill her. But she wouldn’t have a bar of this and stated that she had already made an appointment to have her fifth. I wasn’t surprised at this…in fact she was exhibiting the classic behaviour of someone who has been jabaroo-ed that many times (and who is still fortunate enough to be alive), one aspect of which is the utter inability to tolerate a vax/quax counter-narrative. I fear for her future.

  5. These scams it seems will continue as long as there are some gullible people ready to put their lives and their freedom on the line in fear of the imaginary threats put forward by those wanting to enslave, control and depopulate the world. It really is time to wake up.

  6. I, like many of my generation, at least try & observe the ‘Repetitive’ follies of History. & on observance of the Current ‘Civilised Populations’, UNDER ‘CONVID- # Something’, I cannot fathom the ‘Demonisations’ of historic regimes, when the current ‘Crew’, seem Hell bent on Replication of these Dark Voids of said history! – Love him or hate ‘Him’, one only has to consult the observations of Mssr Adolph Hitler!; THE MS Media – For whom WITHOUT Collaborations, NOTHING ‘Gets off the Ground’;
    “It is the Press, above all, that wages a positively Fanatical and Slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of National Independence, cultural elevation, & the economic independence of the Nation.”
    Home Population’s – ‘Intelligence & Outlooks’ (Maybe.);
    “The receptivity of The masses is very limited. Their collective intelligence is small, whereas their capacity for forgetfulness is Enormous. Given this, effective propaganda must restrict itself to a handful of points as Slogans, which is repeated until the last Man understands what you want him to understand by your Slogans!”
    Another High profile ‘Alternate Medical Specialist’, A Dr Buttar, 1 of the ‘MIS/DISinformation Dozen’ corpoRAT pHARMa – ‘Hit List’, ‘Passes’ under Dodgy circumstance = Rest Sir.
    And now a Message from the Australian Govt Systems Dicktators, Er Handlers – Er apologies, ‘Sponsors’.
    pHARMa advertisement; (Emergencies, Leeches & Pharma; take on ‘Fanfare for the Common man” plays in background); “LOOK OUT! You DON’T want to be caught out, in the open this PLANdemic season! Here @ U.N.W.H.O. (1), in League with pHARMa(2) Global chemical giants, WHO WE, historically, Reach as far back as WW1 Trench Chem warfare, thru our ‘DevelopMental’ works between Great Wars (‘Great’ – For WHO?- No the other Who?), leading onto a Colourful Collaborative ‘union’ with THE Social Globalist experiment called ‘The 3rd Reich’s Euro Carnivale’ – Of which we slotted Nicely into the I.G. Farben ‘Family’. Then We progressed on Many fronts, to ‘Liberate Humanity’! Where would YOU be, without OUR ‘CONtributions’ such as Agent orange & Glythosates, Carcinogenic Teflon & ‘ForLife Chemicals, Dioxins, Propellents, Food additives,Plastics, Petra Chemicals, Mercurial Products & advancements in Dentistry, Bisphenols, Psych drugs & Warfarin? Thanks to US, there are NO areas of your ‘Life’ & that of Hundreds of Future Generations, that we haven’t ALREADY laid the ‘Seeds of Reforming’! Now then! WHO’s for their next 66th Booster? Safe & ‘Effective’! With ALL of that mRNA NanoTech, ALREADY inside you, you can impress your friends at parties – Turn off the lights & U.N.AIDdead, you can look like TRON! AND, you no longer need an ‘Archaic hand Set’, to communicate OR ‘track’ friends! But wait, there’s MORE! Get in before the EOFY Sale, for FOOL family Protection against PLANdemic ‘X’, we’ll sell you a All wheel drive ORstralian ‘Bush Master’ @ Cost price – GET IN to a showroom NOW, before the YouCranials do, & get one BEFORE they Ghetto (ApolloJesus, that should read – ‘Get to’), the Ucranial Homeland & become Russian Sims Metal! We’ve set up a ‘Jabberoo'(Local flavour) booth inside our ‘DealerShip’, so your Whole Family can be ‘DONE OVER’ in 1 CONvenient, SAFE Institution! – Side Global sponsorship by the ‘Monkey Spankers’ @ RottenFellas & your HeatBead orifices – Call1800StandardOilCo(Currently out of the Office Procuring Parka’s for the Cold weather), AND with giving Ewe a better Inclusiveness – Institution/CONstitution Vote (which could have been ‘Done’ Any time in the last 100 Years, just like an OZ Citizens ‘Charter of Rights’), in ColourAboration with ‘Once owners of the Land’, Now ‘Wealth Transferred’ (without the TRANS) under The U.N.idroit Treaty (1973), to ‘Ounces OWNED OFFland’, We welcome The Resources Cabal of Australia – STILL ‘requiring’ a CONJAB Pissport – Sorry again, I’ve had to sack myself as advisor to myself – That should read CONJOB Passport. I’ll ask Alexa;
    “Alexa here. It IS ‘Pissport’! As long as the Beers on Tap, & the Resource Sectors ‘THE SPICE MUST ALWAYS FLOW!’ are ‘Aligned’, No one questions the Narrative! As for your previous Conversations on FIFO workers, that I ‘Heard’ when you Thought A.I. WASN’T ‘listening’, – That would be IF your CONVID-19, Plus Extra Variants-When/If they are not Mythology- Vaccinated Aircrews, ACTUALLY get them to ‘Their Final Destination’! – No reference to the Movies!” (Maybe).
    Thanks Alexa! I’ve just reinstated Myself!
    (1) UniversalNefariousWorldHorrorOrganisation
    (2) a.HarlotsAdvocatingRectalMyth.a – Pulling Science out of their Collective arses.- AND, being ‘Believed’ = REALLY? IS THIS, the ‘Level’ of Medical, oversight ‘Authorities’ (Loose term), & Politicians ‘PETS’ – PrettyEasilyTrainedStupidos/ Advisors, in this ‘DAY & AGE’?? = YES IT IS!
    Joke time; Ask a ‘Politician’ or an Industrialist, or a school teacher, for the ‘Other’ Billions of ‘Green $s’ Committed, How much CO2 is in OUR atmosphere! – While ‘They’ are ‘Investing’ in the Ukraine of Course!
    Last; I see Another CorpoRAT DickTator of CONJAB -19,has ‘Jumped’ Ship (Maybe some ‘X’ Naval experience There), Before Nuremberg 2.0 ‘Steps in’ = TOO late,on the Statutes of time limitations Mark! = YOUR eXperiment & PROtocol!
    Wellness as usual.

    1. Good Evening. May 30/2023. In 1 Year, 300 Amendments to the PLANdemic treaty (IHR) will ‘Come into Effect’, UNLESS, Someone Protests THE Installation!! IF, the Australian Govt., ALREADY @ the ‘Beck & call’ of the U.S. Govt (who are ALREADY 100% ‘IN’) – DOES NOT DO ANYTHING, WHAT THEN?? WHY AREN’T THESE ‘DOCUMENTS’ BEING ‘AIRED’ IN PARLIAMENT, &, WHY ARE THE POLITICIANS, AND THE MEDIA – SOOO QUIET ON THIS??
      Another false propaganda angle is that these instruments only apply to infectious disease pandemics, but that isn’t true either. Areas of life that are being added in under the umbrella of “health” include climate, food production and even poverty, so the WHO will be able to claim sole global authority over anything to do with those issues as well.
      Yes, the United Nations, an ‘Unelected Body’- via Sovereign Nations Representative or IT’S Sovereign People, has organised the Coalescing of Multi prong Stratagems, to ‘TIE UP’ ALL Global Nations to ‘IT’S CONTROL’, for ANY ‘Desired/ CONtrived’ so called ‘Global Emergency’ to Their design!
      The ‘Fools’ of Govt Globally, Australia inclusive, DO NOT have a ‘Handle’ on their collective ‘Use By Dates’, once ‘Finishing their TASKED Work’, Nor, if ANY ‘Refusal after the Event’, of ANY further Demands or Requests in the Future. Some of the Worst Tyrannies, have happened under TOTAL COMPLIANCE!
      The ‘Pitting’ of Citizen against Citizen, Families against Families or Individual family members, The breaking up – By Design, of the Family unit, Including the Current ‘TRANS’ or ‘Sexualising of Children’ (Minors) – This Includes Current Australian Education Departments ‘Programmes’ of EXTREME Sexual indoctrinations, being ‘UNnaturally referenced & ‘Pushed’!! THE ‘Voice’ so called ‘Vote’ IS inclusive in this ‘Mix’. DISingenuous, as a MINIMUM, to Provoke & encourage Disunity Nationally, AND, ‘White Ant the Constitution – Otherwise, ‘THIS’ WOULD have been addressed Decades ago, along with a Charter of Rights for ALL Australian Citizens!!!!
      You may also Note, the U.N. is NOW referencing this as an ‘Instrument’ instead of a ‘Treaty’, & if it ‘Fails’ @ WHO ‘Pandemic/ Health’ installation, it’ll ‘Bypass’ The ‘Health Agency’ option & declare a ‘Global emergency’ Via the United Nations Main Assembly on ‘Climate Emergencies’ or OTHER! = THIS IS NOT ABOUT ‘HEALTH’! IT IS ABOUT TOTAL UNITED NATIONS CONTROL OF EVERYTHING & EVERYONE (And ‘Superseding’ State/National/InterNational LAW) , AND INCLUDES THE 15 Min, & George Soros (Yes, the same Globalist who Cosponsored with the U.S. Dept of State, the Overthrow of the Democratically elected Ukrainian Govt Circa 2014, & Help install the Current Regime, along with support for ‘AZOV’ / ‘Right Sector’ Neo Nazi Militia, & associated human rights Violations [Documented]),-Strong Cities Networking & SMART CITIES (Ausgrid)! The United Nations, Globalists ‘Front Office’- DEVIOUS BASTARDS! – Also a quote from

      Newly Added Articles
      Several new articles have also been added to flesh out and describe the WHO’s authority, and what member states must do to comply with this new top-down order. Here are two telling ones.

      NEW Article 13A WHO Led International Public Health Response — “States [sic] Parties recognize WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response during public health Emergency of International Concern and undertake to follow WHO’s recommendations in their international public health response.”

      In other words, member nations shall bow down to the WHO and do as they’re told. A newly added Article 53 goes on to detail how each member nation must implement a compliance committee to ensure the WHO’s directives are adhered to and executed.

      New Article 13A Access to Health Products, Technologies and Know-How for Public Health Response — “1. Immediately after the determination of a public health emergency of international concern under Article 12, the Director General shall make an immediate assessment of availability and affordability of required health products and make recommendations, including an allocation mechanism, to avoid any potential shortages of health products and technologies …

      3. States Parties shall provide, in their intellectual property laws and related laws and regulations, exemptions and limitations to the exclusive rights of intellectual property holders to facilitate the manufacture, export and import of the required health products, including their materials and components.”

      So, once a PHEIC is announced, the director-general will lay claim to all medical resources within the member states. Other additions also spell out that the WHO will control:5

      The local production of health products

      Intellectual property

      Cell lines used in the production of biotherapeutics and vaccines

      Allocation of medical resources


      Development of regulatory guidelines for the fast-tracking of health products

      Censorship of “false and unreliable information” about public health events, preventive strategies and pandemic countermeasures

      A global health database (which is required for the implementation of vaccine passports)

      IHR Amendment Greenlights Conflicts of Interest
      The amendments also plainly allow for conflicts of interest that might harm public health. Under Article 9, the WHO can declare a public health emergency based on information from undisclosed sources. Those sources could include Big Pharma, WHO funders such as the Gates Foundation and the Gates-founded-and-funded GAVI Alliance, or any number of other players with conflicts of interest.

      As reported by The Defender,6 “One of the biggest changes the WHO has seen in its 75-year history is a shift from funding from sovereign nations to funding from private parties.”

      Yes this Includes GLOBALIST Bill Gates, who recently ‘Visited’ Prime MINSTREL, Mr AlbaBendDaKneesee (I have ZERO time for Bufoons ‘Pretending’ to be ‘Intelligent’).

      At present, the majority of the WHO’s funding comes from Bill Gates, through donations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). Gates also funds the World Economic Forum, and his nonprofits are taking money from drug companies.
      Excerpts from Dr Mercola & other distinguished Global Citizens.
      Thank you from ALL of us- & your Justifiable Concerns for the Right for Sovereign Rights & Governance of ANY Individual Nation, By the People, FOR the ALL the Peoples of that Sovereign Nation!
      LATE > FOR West Australian’s; WA’s ‘Right to Farm’ impeded. NEW ‘Exiting’ SHIP RAT McGowan’s LABOUR PARTY Govt ‘Act’ set to come into effect on July 1st; ‘The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill’. Farmers & Pastoralists, WILL have to get a ‘Permit’ to Scarify, Seed, Delve, Deep ripping, Shed Building, drainage work, Fencing or pulling out a Dead Tree, or ANY ground ‘Disturbance’, IF greater than 50mm deep (2 Inches) INCLUSIVE. THE ‘STATE’ is to set up a series of LACHS (Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services) to ‘Handle’ the ‘Permits’! With the OBVIOUS ‘Links’ to the WEF/IMF/U.N. Cabal & the COLLABORATIVE 17 SDGs ‘GLOBALLY IMPOSEMENTS’, THIS will obviously ‘Endear’ said Farmers, & ‘Others’ to THE ‘Aboriginal Cause’ in the Upcoming CONstitutional ‘Voice’ Vote Farce! = ‘Divide & Rule’ Ethos!
      OH! & EXTRA ‘Gun CONtrol’ on a Departing ‘Whim’ by Big Mac (As Reported in Local ‘Printed RAG’) McGowan!
      In Australia, the ‘Gun Deaths’ in Australia TOTAL (2019), was a Staggering 0.15/ 100,000 Citizens. THIS IS UNACCEPTIBLE, Whilst NATIONALLY; 177,000 DEAD from Cancer, 43,000 DEAD from Heart & Circulatory Disease, 21,000 DEAD from Tobacco related illness, 18,000 DEAD from Preventable Medical Mistakes & Effects of Legal prescribed Drugs, 6-9,000 DEAD from Alcohol Related illness, 4,500 DEAD from Flu/ Pneumonia (Including Corona Virus – BEFORE CONVID-19), 3,040 DEAD (incl. 63,000 Attempts), and 1190 Plus change DEAD from Road Toll- ALL perfectly O.K. AND, obviously NOT ‘Traumatic’ -via McGowan Govt & MSMedia ‘Observations’, & NOT worth ‘THE EFFORT OR FINANCIALS’ TO CORRECT!!
      Just in; New Dick-Head GLOBAL Virus Variant just discovered in Farmland slime; Scientists name it The planetary STAGGNANT Strain = SorosTedrosAntiGatesGenerationalNeoArtificialNeuroToxin. Schwab’s soon to be available for Testical Testing for all sexes!
      wellness – JOHN DAWE – Citizen.

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