October 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “Australia has spent over $17 BILLION on COVID vaccines

  1. 2 members of my family have had 5 shots. I’m finding very hard not to tell them they are f/n idiots. If people didn’t take this crap there wouldn’t be a need for supply. I know, people had tough decisions to make, I was in that boat too but what a price we are ALL paying for not standing up!

  2. If the Scum who rule us were investigated and held accountable they would be put in jail for massive corruption.That’s a fantasy and will not happen.This all comes down to the individual REFUSE TO COMPLY !Mass refusal is far more effective than the occasional fair weather feel good rally.Stop extortion by employers and government no job is worth the loss of your freedom and your very life.Grow a pair.
    Case in point how on earth was Weasel Features Pencil Dick Andrews reelected??

    1. Electoral fraud.The AEC is just like pretty well all our institutions now: corrupt. Beware “The Voice”: we all know it is dead in the water and a genuine vote will result in a resounding NO…but there is no guarantee of a genuine vote…in many respects we are like a “Third World” country now.

  3. Ah, I think I may indeed have detected a hint of sarcasm there, Ethan. How else to treat such disgusting corruption than with ridicule and sarcasm. The key perpetrators knew exactly what they were doing (i.e. destroying Australia), while others are so dumb and deluded they have probably convinced themselves that this obscene waste was really “money well spent.” Yeah, right…

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