December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Facial recognition app trialled by police broke privacy laws: AAT

  1. WOW! WHAT A ‘NON’ EVENT! The ‘REALITY’ is that ANY of the ‘5 Eye’ TERRORIST (By ‘Plain’ English Dictionary Definition) ORGANISATIONS, will just ‘Swap’ surveillance Intel, as they’ve ALREADY done ‘Forever’, & pass said Data onto COMIC! – Business as Usual – No fuss, No fanfare, NO destruction of ‘Already Gathered Information’!
    Inside the U.S. ‘Local Govt Corporation’ – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA – The ‘Feds’ have been ‘Developing’ algorithms for Colating/Amalgamating ALL AREAS Criminal intel for Years. NOW, apparently, the same Cabal, IS using the same algorithms (Without Al Gore, Less any ‘Rhythm potential’- Maybe) to ‘Focus’ on the ‘Potential’ 26,485,400 Australian ‘Criminals of Interest’!
    News just in via our Frontier Premiere News Desk – Tossers@Your/6.Dog.Con.Aewe; Exclusive – ‘again’.
    ‘The Cyber Division of The Federal Cabal, MIS/DISclosed today, that the ‘Threat from Domestic Terrorists’ had eased somewhat, in the last year, with the UNexplained deaths Via THE ‘JAB’ – ‘Witch’ SHALL NOT be Named, by at least 100,000! Even at 35,000 Dead Plus, The same Govt of ORstralia, felt it wasn’t worth ‘Troubling the Lord of COIN’ (WEF), to Inquire after their Health ‘TermiNation’, by whatever ‘Means’ – This obviously Means, by NO means, the means to discover their tragic outcomes has become Meanial by ALL means, thus reflecting the Mean nature of ALL OfficialDumb & Politic involved!’
    Last; I’m glad that folks ‘Think’ that they, have got a ‘Ruling’ on ‘Police broke privacy laws’.
    Now then, What about – ALL OF ‘THE ASSAULTS’ ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC & INDIVIDUALS, IN PRIVATE & OUT IN ‘PUBLIC SPACES’ DURING ‘CON’VID’, AND – NON Identification of Public Servants (Police – LOCAL – WE ‘Assume’ – But NOT proven NOR MIS/DISclosed @ time!!) Maybe some ‘BioMetric of ‘Offending officers’, from ‘File footage’, including Operators ‘Indiscriminate Usage’ of LRAD/ ADS & ‘Active ordinance’, WITHOUT CAUSE, DUE &/OR ‘DUTY OF CARE’ – As a Major part of their ‘SWORN DUTY’??
    It’s a whatever moment – Wellness

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