November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Synthetic meat likely to impact environment more than beef production

  1. How will we know if we are buying or consuming fake meats. Even if the fake meat is labelled, I dread to think how many foods it will be used in. Will we even know what we are consuming?

  2. This stuff is complete garbage. What ingredients are in it beside the culture? What sort of oils are in there? Will it contain GMO products and synthetic vitamins. How will they put the minerals in. What will they use for omega 3 oil? We need to get back to nature and stop all this nonsense once and for all! Cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens should be farmed naturally on open pasture as they did in the old days. Ban all CAFO farms as they are a breeding ground for infections and are disgustingly filthy with antibiotics given every day in their food.

    1. I can see THE Notable (While the MIS/DISpossessed have No Roof over them & No’Table’) ‘Land Owners of America’ – & STILL, NO problem with PsyOps about being ‘White Privileged’ [LOL], – All Rollin’ up to the Great ‘W.R’ [1]Farming HOEDOWN [2] @ Zorro Ranch. ‘Guests’ include the Usual GangStars from the Who’s Who of the CON’trol Prostituted Pratts. MISSING on the ‘Menu’ – ‘Fake Meat’, Bugs, Polymer Shooters, LM-102 laced BBQ sauces, Hydrogel Sorbets, graphene filament Garnishes, GMO Anything, Corn/ Plastics/ Antibiotic drenched- Fed-mRNA ‘Jabbed’ CAFO ‘Products’!
      Meanwhile @ THE actual ‘Wood fired’ BBQ ‘Grill’ face, a distinguished Southern Negro Gent (SNG) in a fashionable Penguin suit, flips over the grass fed slabs of prime Angus – SPLOSH – SLAP -SIZZLE (Simulated demonstration- Fake anything Not incluDead).
      SNG; .”I say Massa, can I interest you in 1 of these fine BBQ’d delights?”
      Clinton Sr; “I believe there use to be some Exclusive bedrooms here!”
      SNG; “Sorry Massa, I’m just the Chef. I wouldn’t know about such things! I sleep in the remote bunk house.”
      CS; “You haven’t seen my wife Hillarious around these parts, or maybe my daughter Chelation’C’?”
      SNG; “I did overhear one of the Maids mention, that both had gone to check the ‘Children were being Milked’, before being ‘Ketch Up’ jabbed! Don’t make No sense ta me Sa!”
      CS; “I’ll have a Nice piece of Rare Breast & Rump. Old habits.” [No courtesies for Service.]
      SNG; “Look Sa! There be your MR HillariArse over Thar at the Cabal Bar area Sa. ‘HE’ with Dat Mr RottenFella , dat Mr farmGates, and dat Mr KissinGerbils! I thought dat Mr KissinGerbils, surely been Carbon 14 dated by now Sa. He must have some secret ‘Flouting of Youth’, in Dat man Sa!”
      After Clit’n leaves, SNG to himself ; ‘Where do they get these Luminaries & Sophisticates from? Could have been worse – at least I didn’t have to prepare Fried ice cream for THE geriatric CIC, in case he Dropped in.’
      Suddenly –
      CIC ‘Biden his time’; “HI EVERYONE! Thought I’d drop into this Hoedown as a Surprise! I say, Can you get that Boy @ the grill do me some – Deep fried Southern Ice cream?
      Howdy folks. I’m glad to be visiting this Great BBQ, in the Home State of BBQs – The State of WiseCuisine, Um WiseCousin. Um, Yer, sure feels Cold this time of the year for a Southern State!”
      SNG; “God save us! That’s Wisconsin – The OTHER end of the Damn Country! Lord? Is this FOOL in charge of ‘Directing’ Anything, other than being a Fake?? Synthetic, Means that HE, ain’t Natural! Maybe matches the Rest of the Fools here!” (KissinGerbils ‘Morphs’ up to the Grill).
      SNG; “I’Z Sorry Massa, But I notice you still got some ‘Ketch-Up’ on your Lips there Sa! And Ya’ll Don’t been anywhere near ‘this’ Meat Boss Sa! I guess I don’t got, the Handle Proper, on ‘Useless Feeders’ SA!”
      KG; “No ‘Roast Baby’ Anything then Boy?”

      [1] WR – NOT ‘Elite’ just ‘Well Resourced’
      [2] HOEDOWN – HarlotsOrganisingEternalDraconianOwnershipWealthNationally

  3. If the Gates of Hell is backing it that is a pretty good reason to avoid it. I’ll stick with grass-fed Angus beef. “Angus: a steak in your future.”

  4. The entire ‘green revolution’ was never about ‘saving the planet’, it’s about controlling and monopolizing the world resources by the richest families on planet. Remember John D. Rockefeller was quoted as saying “Competition is a sin”.

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