October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “Scientists are working on ‘moral enhancement technologies’

    1. Depends how long you live, Nathan. I would give them 7 years tops, which would bring us nearly to 2030 (think UN Agenda). Mind you, if they are striving to reduce aggression, they had better ease off on all that toxic crap in the quax. I have personal experience of the quaxxed becoming highly aggressive when confronted with a counter-narrative to the official corona story.

    2. The only standard of Morality comes from God’s word and this commandments. If these people are not following God’s word and his commandments ( not the one from the Papal system that changed the commandments ), which I am sure they are not, then it begs the question of whose moral laws they are actually following and what standard of morality are they trying to physically instill into humanity?

      Will this narrative come to pass? I doubt it very much as God will not allow anyone to remove any God given freedom of thought and choice from humanity. He is in control. Soon those doing the work of the devil will have crossed the line where God will say enough is enough, but that will not be until each and everyone will know the difference between the two opposing sides of the Great Controversy, so they can make their final choice of which side they are on.

  1. Klaus Schwab’s Guru, Yuval Noah Harari has gleefully announced just recently, that “humans are now hackable”.

  2. Well that’s rich! Forcing ‘morality’ onto society by the people that have no morals to start with.
    These scumbags are insane!

  3. For Entertainment value, let’s start by Hacking Mssr Harari! OOPS, due to cranial operations on said Harari, ‘Without Notice’, His skull has Collapsed & let out the Vacuum! NOT a total loss, NASA had done some Pre Ops experiments on Studying The Amazing world of Micro Black Holes, inside same Structure, with amazing side study on said WEF (White European Faggot) Candidate & realised Parallel program of WEF/UN Agendas & ‘String Theory’ & relation to ‘REALITY’!
    Result just in = NONE! Theoretical Hacking test Repeated Multiple times; Result The same ; ZERO RELEVENCE to ‘Reality!’ AH! ‘Proven Science’ – FINALLY! – Or is that Just CONsensus?
    Actual String Theory Relevance = Vivaldi – 4 Seasons.

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