December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “QLD researchers launch world-first ‘wireless neuro-stimulator’ for brain implants

  1. Good old Aussie “scientists” (or more correctly “scientism-ists”) at it again. A few years ago we had Ian Frazer, who helped develop the not just useless but also bloody harmful Gardasil vax, made “Australian of the Year”. This poison caused my niece to become a type-1 diabetic for the rest of her life.

    And who can forget the recent spectacle of those pHARMa-owned clowns posing as our “top” medical officials (including Professors Murphy, Kelly and Anton laVey Skerritt), unable to tell us what a woman is.

    But no-one else I can think of in the bio-medical sphere has had his formerly excellent reputation trashed so comprehensively by the coronahoax than silly old Peter Doherty. His institute in Melbourne is on a par with Imperial College, London for its fraudulent pandemic modelling, and recently it was linked with at least one of the bio-medical weapons labs in Ukraine, which the Russians have destroyed. And now (see above) we are well on the way to having our naughty thoughts detected by some bilious boffin employed by our criminal govt.

    This reminds me of a scene in “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”, where the govt official in Prague in 1968 explains to Tomas, the neurosurgeon, why they are banning him from operating:
    “Surely docteur, you of all people MUST realise that we CANNOT allow someone with incorrect thoughts to operate on people’s BRAINS.”

  2. Good article as usual Ethan. It is interesting to note that they are doing exactly what the imbecilic and dare I say demonic possessed, Yuval Noah Harari, the lead advisor to even more demonic Klaus Schwab, stated recently in an interview. They are hell bent on amalgamating men and machine and additionally controlling the human body and more importantly the human brain.

    It is also important, in my opinion, to note that this has been and is a battle for the mind. The Great Controversy between Michael and Satan rotates around worship and by controlling the human mind, Satan can also control the mind and get the worship he wants forcefully, hence the reason for the amalgamation. They are not even hiding what they are doing anymore. They have been emboldened by the response to the con-vid crisis.

    This is however, exactly what the Antediluvians did at the time of Noah just before the Flood . They were indeed playing around with human bodies and amalgamation and God put a stop to it by sending the flood. The same thing will happen in the last days of the history of this world. They are doing the same amalgamation again, and God will put a stop to it. We are living in the anti-typical times of the flood.

  3. WOW! ANOTHER Australian 1ST! Wireless Neuro – Stimulator! Does I.T. Connect across Vacuuous Cranial & Free Spatial Infrastructures? – ‘IN Mind’ – Politicians, Chief Med Officers, Vaccine Commanders, Ukraine MyCranial policy makers, & Collective Sheep? AND, does I.T. require No Bloody Network or ‘Helper’ U.S. Next Gen FaG got ‘Connectivity’?
    “Good Morning Mr Phelps! Your Mission if you decide to accept it, is to slip this WiFi Brain Stimulator into the thinking orifice of your Target, Prime Minstrel Scamo of Quaxxstralia. So you’ll be inserting, ‘THE Device’, into the Rectal Cavity! As Usual Should ANY of your team be Caught & Captured, We will disavow any Knowledge of Your existence! Make sure you & your team use PPE. SAFE & EFFECTIVE. Coincidentally, Our Latest Boing Boing Drone, also in local STASI LAND, Operations area, will be Monitoring your Success on Cranial Probe Project ‘Deep Space Benign’. Refer training Module for probe insertion 101. ‘Austin Powers’ – Spy who Shagged me. As always, Good Luck Mr Phelps!”

    1. WARNING; Update; Current WST; Zulu; Mission Improbable; Project ‘Deep Space Benign’.
      “Good post Morning Mr Phelps. New intel has been acquired referring to your Mission. Quaxxland developed Neural Insertion Probe Rectal Complications. With security of our other operatives in play, your team ops MUST remain latent. Unfortunately you & your team would have had to be Beware on Insertion of probe, that you did not alert or disturb other already installed External State (ETs) probes from Israel, U.S., U.K., WEF, WTO, IMF, U.N. – Multi, BAMGF, DARPA, RAYTHEON,BAE, Boeing, Pharma, G7,G20,SINO, & the WHO.
      All is not lost Mr Phelps, WE believe that ‘Contractors’ who engineered & built the Euro Channel tunnel, are already formulating relief for the Prime Minstrel, & others who endeavor to fill this position, transitioning into the Great reset & the A.I. of everything & providing extra probe Capacity, by Bridging 1 useless Negative pressure Zone with another, & boring out the prime Minstrel to become a Completely Empty Vessel! It appears Mr Phelps, your Mission was over, Before it began! The Prime Minstrel was a ‘Hollow Man’ Before the Engineers began their task!
      Good bye Mr Phelps. This recording will self destruct in 10 seconds.

  4. Things like this always sold to the public under the guise of helping the unfortunate, but as we all know it won’t be long until it’s sold to the general masses under the guise of convenience. The problem with these so-called “scientists” is that most of them lack any real wisdom or understanding about what it is they are attempting unleash upon the world and the consequences that it will bring! To borrow a quote from Jurassic Park, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Ian Malcolm

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