September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “The Courier Mail chucks a tantrum over ‘conspiracy’ comments

  1. Does The Cryer Mail get their ‘Funding’ reduced by Govt, or the Global PerpaTRAITORs, if they Don’t ‘Perform’? Probably More in touch with their individual Member, than in touch with subscribing Membership – Maybe!
    Here Chimp, surveyed by MonkeyBusiness.
    NO ‘UFO’s’ Shot down here, to ‘Cover’ the Failing Narrative?

  2. Can we just but hope that there is a spark of the ethos that Australia and Australians whose ancestors stood up to English oppression and carved out productive enterprises through grit and determination is still alive?
    People speaking from a desire to be heard no matter the cost, I say keep on cooking, and if the recipe is freedom of speech and exposing the lies of main stream narrative … turn up the heat.

  3. That Hoody episode with those sporting legends was a beauty…and I’m just talking about the first episode…I need to watch the next two. The MSM/Fake News Media presstitutes could learn a thing or two from real journos/researchers/presenters like Hoody & John Larter.

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