October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “Australia’s 5G network now ready to ‘reach full potential’

  1. My biggest fear is that privacy will be all but erased if this technology is allowed to expand without proper protections in place. Peoples lives will become an open book to be scrutinized at any point! This coming surveillance system with make the USSR and East Germany seem tame in comparison!

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I find 4G fast enough for me, how fast is too fast? Quicker than your eyes can blink? This is all about making it easier for the WEF to meet their plans by 2030. But how is this all going to plan out as regards to energy use? What will it be all powered by? Many people will no be able to afford to make use of 5G for their homes or businesses. But the Government will.

  3. 5G ‘Ready’ to Reach ‘FOOL’ potential! ALREADY, along with 6G, THERE! NO ONE ‘Noticed’ apart from ‘Lock Down ‘Stratagems’, that TELCOS, GOT FULL ‘Green Light’ to ‘WARP SPEED’ ‘Installations’ – U.N.Hindered!
    To the ‘Telco’ Technicians; A HUGE ‘Shoutout’, You ‘DUMB SHITS’, for NOT ONLY ‘Installing’ YOU, your Partner & Extended Families ‘Digital Prison’, BUT, IF, ‘You’ve’ had the CONVID ‘Jabs’, YOUR ‘Locational presence’ to YOUR EMR ‘Installed Infrastructure/ Tech’, will ‘Gift’ Your own ‘Medical Outcomes’, for NON Generations to Come! So much for ‘INTELligence’!
    HOORAH! & ‘Something’ Xmas to You! ‘Alexa’ SEES/ IS ALL! ‘Privacy’ & ‘Security’, along with CONVID # Something & ‘Climate Something’, An ‘Amalgamated MYTH’, For ‘YOUR’ Near future IN-CONvenience’!Rudolph! YEH! More than MY nose ‘wood’ be ‘RED’ [READ], as Well! – Thank God, for Literacy, & it’s Alter/Altar EGO ‘ILLiteracy’ as well.

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