September 25, 2023

5 thoughts on “Chinese drones are monitoring Australian skies

  1. At what point is the decision going to be made to stop being cowards & eject CCP & all its parts & partners out of Australia forever. I say do it now & let’s find other trading partners instead.
    The choice to do nothing & maintain the status quo is a price future generations will sadly have to suffer & quite frankly that’s a completely unacceptable proposition.

  2. Not only the CCP but also the USA, UK, Israel and any other malevolent influence by foreign governments and corporations!

    1. There is no more a malevolent cartel than CCP. Evil is simply an ugly part of humanity but attempting to minimize the evil acts of CCP by grouping CCP with other comparably milder nations is something I’m sure the CCP is thankful to you for but nobody is more a threat to mankind than CCP. The CCP is not a country, it’s an unelected criminal organization that’s only objective is to steal the freedoms of all people from all nations thereafter claiming ownership of all lands, seas & people.
      The sooner action is taken to eradicate the CCP the smaller the nukes will need to be to set the planet free from the worst humans ever to have been born.

  3. China was always meant to be the model society of which the world will follow, how else did it become such major technological and economic powerhouse. If it wasn’t for all these trade deals that many countries around the world (including ours) signed on to over the last few decades, China would never of became such a dominate player. The rise of China and the decline of the west seems like it was always meant to happen!

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