September 27, 2023

11 thoughts on “Cross-department Digital ID pilot planned for NSW

  1. The horrid tentacles of the state; dripping with slime; lurch toward us! ..mmm…we are in a bit of a pickle methinks.

  2. Privacy?
    Be Safe, Secure, that we Know!
    Privacy, um, private, um,!… Am I spelling this correctly, Be Secure, be Safe, You can’t go there, You,! Haven’t paid Your Bill, and Your Bio-Predictor, shows, your Not Well, and you put a ham sandwich in little Tommy’s Lunchbox: *-10 credit points, Be Safe, Be Secure, Your State is here, Compliance is YOUR Passport to the future!
    Privacy, means…. You Lose, if you DON’T Comply.
    You Volunteered.

    Remember, if it is Digital, it is in the Digital Matrix, it can be Hacked!! So, you will be ransomed out, but the end is still the same, you Lose.
    I am a Robot.!!!

    Papiere, bitte,?

    Your life is at the consent of, in reality, is whom – ever owns the patent code of your DNA.
    Your life, is to be a Green Tick.
    Can’t wait,…. Hey!!!

  3. Why should we trust them with this?

    Government attempts to “computerise” things read as a list of screw ups almost as long as the history of medical innovation.

    NSW has had historic data security lapses. Track and trace data has been broadly abused despite all promises to the contrary. We don’t get so much as a “woops” out of them.

    And that’s assuming they actually have benign intentions with this.

    And if it’s to patch up poor service that ought already to be adequate, why should we think that is okay? In 1908 you could send a letter from England to Switzerland and get a reply back the same day. NSW govt is a huge organisation. Running a shoddy service does in no way justify further impositions on the public – or perhaps they think it does? Problem – reaction – solution perhaps?

  4. Why dont they tell us the truth!
    Its the start of the social credit system …
    The same as what has been rolled out in China…
    Ppl should reject this at all cost..
    Goodbye what freedoms we have left.

    1. I agree with Belinda. But they will never tell the truth because a Totalitarian regime has always been built on lies and deceptions and this is no different. At the end of it all, will be the same Totalitarian regime that now exists in China.

      However though , at head of all of this, will be none other than the papacy to which the Kings of the earth will have soon given all their power.

      From Bishop Sanchez Sorondo the right hand man of the pope. “China could be our model to respond to Globalization. A model for the dignity and freedom of human beings”. A country that is currently imprisoning its own citizens in their high rise towers and starving them to death in the name of “COVID” is a model for freedom? Really? Should baffle anyone who has a thinking brain.

    2. THE ‘Systems’ or the ‘Designers’, Were/Are NOT wired for ‘Truth’. Check ‘Written History’ / WAR & ‘Records’. – This Includes Current ‘Erasings’ of UNfavourable Statistics – ‘Outfall’ of CONVID Jabs. How many times has this happened before?

  5. This is all a result of our OWN failure to recognise and act against all of this. They have openly told us what they are doing and yet we STILL comply. Anyone even downloading this app should be held responsible for what is to come. The Covid scam was to prepare us all to get use to the service app so what….they can tell you to stay home?. How many people recklessly downloaded it? The mind boggling scale of apathetic sheep in this country is astounding.

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