November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “AI could cause ‘1984 by 2024’, says Microsoft President

  1. the aus govt can’t, or rather, won’t even regulate everyday industries like banking, insurance, media, pharma, advertising & many more & allows them to “self-regulate” with their own codes of practice or industry standards. so you have a bank that decides what rules it will follow & determine how to go about it, just great!


    for the govt to be able to regulate AI or any other tech, it first has to know a thing or three about it, right? so WTF does ScoMo or any of his musical chairs ministers know anything about anything?

    are these ministers experts in any field? for example how can Greg Hunt be environment minister, then Industry et al & now the health & sport minister? did he do masters or phd’s in any of these fields after studying law & intl rels? or was all this knowledge bestowed upon him at his kibbutz in Israel or at being named a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum?


    the aus gov has & will always do exactly as its corporate leash holders tell it to do, no matter which party or personality is PM. they will let industry self-regulate to supposedly drive higher standards due to competition & the public good. yeah right!

    the only way to get rid of these parasites is to become a sovereign republic with our own unique or best in world system that gives back all sovereign property to its citizens ie; all natural resources on, above, below, at sea, whatever, is publicly owned & operated withh all revenues going to public works, infrastructure, housing, health, education, welfare, pensions, military, technology R&D in all sectors of industry. any remaining surplus, half goes to;

    1- a sovereign fund that cannot be touched unless of catastrophe or war or any other national strife that affects everyone, not just a certain group of people or businesses. “no qantas or virgin, you are not special & don’t need any govt welfare, your emplyees do”

    2- income to every single citizen (alaska has such a scheme from oil revenues) no matter how little or trivial, at least we know where the money went

    no more secret deals with mega mining or drilling firms that pay no tax but also get govt subsidies bc they supposedly provide employment for aussies. all govt deals with any entity whether military, mining, agriculture, fishing or manufacturing are open & transparent to show who offered how much to get what in return & then voted on by the public to accept/decline.

    no more states or middle management govts that make up different rules according to what fits their agenda with multiple levels of buraeucrats that do nothing but sponge off federal coffers for lip service to their respective parties. no more symbolic, useless governors that make a speach or two each year but have the legal power to remove an elected PM or minister

    just a head of state & local councils that work for their community, not political parties. in fact, there must be no party affiliation to become a council member & all members must live in their council area. lobbying & lobbyists must be banned. all govt contact or demands by the public must be addressed by committees directly with citizens, not supposed representatives of certain groups or industries. all ministers or heads of govt bodies must be proficient in that field if not an expert so they are in full knowlegde & competency of their privilege in holding that title

    its so simple its almost stupid.

    we all must remember 1 thing & that is that these parasites are there to serve not rule. it is a privilage to serve ones community or people not a right or endowment

    if they don’t understand that, then fuck’em off until those who do come along.



    1. Good Man Young Bob! First of all, you’ll need an ‘AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT!’
      COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA – Registered as an AMERICAN CORPORATION – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION # CIK 0000805157. Business Address ;1601 Massachussets Ave. N.W. Washington., D.C.

  2. Good comments Bob and John. So many quislings that need to be dealt with in a Nuremberg 2.0 Trial.

  3. THE ‘Nuremberg Trials’, were ‘Performed’ as a ‘Moral Circus’ [& Ever since, as a ‘Reminder/Diversion’ ( “Come on Down SUN TZU!” – The Art of War] to hide the NAZI’s on THE Allied ‘Side’! These ,’Greater Than the 3Rd Reich’, are NOW, installing THE UPGRADE > THE 4TH Reich, because ‘THE MIRROR’, was Missing In Action from 1929 – 1949![@ least in Germany], NO ONE TOOK TO TASK – THE WINNERS APPARENT!
    isn’t ‘Edited History’ GREAT, Boys & Girls?
    Wellness to People of Independent Memory.

  4. quite a remarkable video and very well timed piece.

    really makes you see we are at that time in Judgment day age of the machines shortly.

    kinda leaves my plan of fucking off into the bush one day less likely to survive for too long ….

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