September 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “HCCC given powers to shut down alternative health clinics

  1. Yet another illustration of one of the things we learned during the corona coup:

    THE SYSTEM will stop at nothing to hold on to its power and, if possible, increase its levels of control and exploitation. It has no scruples. No lie is too outrageous, no hypocrisy too nauseating, no human sacrifice too great [e.g. the covid quax].

    “The Health Hazzard” and his other pHARMa lackeys in the Orwellian NSW “Health” deserve to spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison.

  2. HCCC again given POWERS to shut down numerous individuals and or clinics in the Alternative health side of real HEALTH care.
    This is OUTRAGOUS…. and NSW again.. who remembers the same “authority” attempting to legislate this :- “NSW Inquiry into the promotion of false or misleading Health related information or Practices”
    They wanted NO ONE besides a Health Professional that MAY speak about or disseminate any information about HEALTH>>> lucky there was a lot of submissions where people could objecting .. Well many people made submissions and it was worth it. BUT now again we have to fight this authoritarian stand over tack ticksl
    This too must be objected to.. BUT how to do this… if there is NO submissions offered…. Looks like this state remembers the many objections from last time … SO who is out there that can assist in a petition / submission… what ever to have this reversed or NOT legislated if it hasn’t gone through every cornier yet>? Maybe Mr Tott can assist with a page / petition for people to be able to object to another insanity law.. and to be able to tell the NSW PREMIER to reign in his “office staff” OR better sack them as they seem to be working for somebody else! Looks like our “leaders” are proving again, that they don’t know what their office staff are organising under their noses but as they seem to be working for Big Pharma.. and NOT the people that voted this government into office…they should all be removed at once. AND personally I would like the names of ALL staff that worked the details out and approved this!!!

  3. I see ‘BRAD’ IS STILL THE MAJOR ‘HAZZARD’ TO, Public Health/ ILLNESS, in N.S.W.
    Under the NEW ‘Bought’ Guidelines, NSW ‘Health/ILLNESS’ Dept & Assoc PRE Purchased AMA/TGA ‘Vacuous Tradies’, ‘THEY’ – NSW Medical – ‘OverDOGS’, would HAVE to DO THEMSELVES, as THE Major ‘THREAT’ to THE/it’s Public ‘HEALTH’! – AND, the ‘Stats’ ARE on ‘Record’ to Indict ‘THEMSELVES’ – Brad inclusive, with his underling CMO ‘Tango’ partnerS, ALL ‘Involved’ in Delving out CON JAB-19 ‘pHARMa protocols’ = ‘Parramatta Two Step Diabolical’ (PTSD), on HOME Populations !
    Entertainment Tonight; New Opera / Movie, under Production since Oct 2019 (What an EVENT 201 IT will be/IS), with a raft of Local stars & Tyrants Coming soon! keep Your Personal Self Volunteering ALL seeing EYE (Portable & Lifestyle appliances – that’s S.M.A.R.T.) out thru MS & ‘SOC it to Me’ Media for Details! ‘Production’ called ‘A ‘RETURN’ TWO -Operation DARK WINTER’. A remake of the John Hopkins 06-2001 Original, but this version includes an Amalgamation of Agendas! Sponsorship supplied by ‘AS USUAL’ Government ‘REQUIRED’, ‘Foreign Investments’! Even the Govt OWNED Proctologists have Finally given up, on trying to remove the amount of ‘Foreign’ Hands Historically AND currently UP IT’S OWN ORIFICES. Gender, LMFBJQETXYZ,Queer, Bi, Gay, Lesbian Inclusive! – “I say, That’s VERY CAVALIER of You!”
    Further to Hazzard Central; contactable at;
    ‘NSW MinstrelBullies ‘R’ US@ Pillock.Gov.NONorganic.
    The NEO NSW.Gov.P.E.T.S. stratagem (& NOT just ‘them’), reminds me of the Historic ‘Railroading’ in the USA circa 1900, where the Edison /J. Rockefeller Cabal, Screwed Over approx 1200 Alternate U.S. Health Institutions – For future Chem orientated Medical ‘protocol’ ‘Control of Health’. The Australian version is ADD; ‘The RUM CORP’, which NEVER left the Country!
    Acronym; PETS – Pretty Easily Trained Stupidoes.
    ‘Till the Nexus Time – Wellness

  4. With WHAT authority? The so called Health Minister cannot give himself or his minions power. The legislature must pass it, the governor must sign it into Law in the correct way assuming the governor was correctly appointed and using the correct process. All can be challenged and THEY must provide the VERIFIABLE evidence of THEIR claims.
    Forget submissions, petitions and complaints, you are asking a hungry shark not to bite you. Demands evidence to support THEIR claims – or THEIR claims fail. END

  5. Of course Brad (health) Hazzard is behind all this.
    Has anyone pointed out to him that the Covid vax “hadn’t been proven to work on patients” either?
    That didn’t stop them ramming it down everyone’s throat.
    It’s clear that they’ve lost all credibility and can’t handle any competition.
    People might be healed by alternative medicine now that main stream big pharma medicine has lost all credibility and has been proven to Injure and kill people with their witches brews.
    We can’t have that so they do what they do best. Kill!
    Killing off the competition…. And anyone else who’s foolish enough to trust them.

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