March 26, 2023

6 thoughts on “Florida advises against COVID vaccines for men aged 18-39

    1. True.. but the jab was never mandated over there.. Low jab rate across all age groups already.. So still pretty good.. Plus they came out with the babies info in March.. Now this.. Maybe the data for older groups is next..

      1. Yes, Ron and JAL are doing pretty well, though I would ban this deadly poison full-stop.
        Yes, compare Florida with Australia and NZ, which are very much in the unhealthy grip of pHARMa.

        1. What I find concerning is the fact that doctors are breaking their oaths to ‘do no harm’ by administering these poisons in the first place. I didn’t trust doctors, including my own doctor, before this scamdemic. Now I don’t trust any of them to the point that I won’t even see my own doc ever again, and if I was in an accident I would rather die than be treated at a hospital.
          I’d like to know how to find a doctor that still honers their Hippocratic Oath, and is not a shill for big pharma like yourself that genuinely cares for the well-being of their patients?

  1. The plandemic is over in Australia so why are we still mandating for some? Why also allow businesses to make their own choice about mandating for staff? Isn’t this why there is a staffing crises in most sectors? I have a nurse friend had to have two and she refuses to have any more, and will leave her job if nothing changes. Over 30 years of experience down the drain to be replaced by up and coming new recruits who will toe the line.

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