September 23, 2023

8 thoughts on “Gates Foundation to commit $1.27 billion towards Agenda 2030 goals

  1. Just another tax avoidance crock of shit by another elite, namely Dr Gates who by the way has degrees in nothing.
    Arrest Gates, put him on trial for crimes against humanity & televise his execution on free to air TV.
    But Australians are so indoctrinated they’d be swallowing the shit Gates pours out because they’re too far gone & officially brain dead zombies just as in 1984.

    1. Fair comment, Cory. And apparently Bill’s not quite what you think he is: “transvestigators” like “MrE” (whom I am in touch with; he is a US academic who lives in Thailand) regard Bill & Melinda Gates as an “EGI (elite gender inversion) couple”, i.e. Bill was born a girl and Melinda was born a boy…get your head around that!!!

  2. We are tragically so … but there are some awakening…but it could be too late…God help us here in the once lucky country

  3. Here’s what Bill wants to inflict on everyone. Poem read by the brilliant Alex Thomson on UK Column news last Wednesday. How good is this?

    Vaxxie Vaxxie October 2022

    Vaxxie, vaxxie, so obsessed
    Wore your mask and took your tests
    Still got Covid, every strain
    Spike proteins inside your brain.

    Short of breath at 24
    “Dr Fauci, gimme more!”
    Proteins tangle and misfold,
    Amyloidosis taking hold.

    Swollen heart at 25,
    “Thank Moderna I’m alive!”
    There’s no cure for microclot,
    Getting worse with every shot.

    Heart attack at 26,
    Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.
    Vaxxie, vaxxie, death is lurking,
    Doctor says “That means it’s working.”

    Died of SADS at 27,
    All good vaxxies go to heaven.
    Obituary headline noted
    “Anti-Vaxxer dies of Covid.”

    His family is quite upset,
    But they’re alive, at least on net
    And, they say, “It’s for the better,”
    Without the vax “he would be deader.”

    1. WHO – Sorry, NOT those dodgy bastards, said Poetry & Literature were on the wane? Good Man!
      I enjoy a good Rhyme.
      However, I’m a little ‘Confused’ about ‘reports in this article per ‘Present & Future’ Stratagems of BAMGF.
      1] Philanthropy; Def; The effort or inclination to increase the wellbeing of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations. Love of Humankind in General. Something such as an institution, intended to promote Human welfare. – Note; & Historically, the Benevolent Donors remained anonymous, gratified just by the fact of Deed.
      Sorry! MISSED the Part by Definition, where BILL & MEL G., WERE in the ‘HUMANKIND GAME’ to MULTIPLY their Wealth 20 FOLD on the Back of GLOBAL HUMAN HEALTH CARNAGE (Pre program = GAVI & UNICEF ‘Operations’ / Then – CON JAB-19 Plus) – MUST be the ‘Updated’ DEATHinition, PHILL- MY -TROUGHY with Cash.
      2] Sustain-ability (LOL); Def; Carry weight of, hold up, keep from falling, failing, sinking for prolonged periods. Endure without giving away, stand, bear up against. Sustaining programmes – without commercial sponsor. Keep up or represent ( part, character) adequately. To keep going continuously.
      Yes that’s from a Oxford dictionary, BEFORE, the Current ‘Alteration of Definitions’ for ‘NO speak’ & Govt/ C.O.M.I.C Raiding Justification! With this in mind, at even the BASEMENT level, HOW can ANY of the NEO Agendas be ‘SUSStainable’ with ALL of the HEAVY Subsidisations of these ‘Technologies’ AND, NON recyclability of Major ‘Components’! This INCLUDES the Also-ran Greenies, who CONveniently look in the opposite direction, when questions are asked per; the HEAVILY SUBSIDISED Alternate energy systems, Their Pollutants produced during the Manufacturing, Installation & Maintenance Phases of operations!
      As for ‘Bill’ & the UNunited Nations & their 17 SDGs (In Bills case, I’m sure the acronym stands for ;Satanic Deceitful Gringo), how’s this working out for them in Yemen/Afghanistan/Iraq/ Palestine/Syria & some place East of Poland, & a Rather extensive list of Failures historically, AND Currently?
      Last; NOT to be left out of the ‘Party’, MEL Gatsbey, Please note, that THE UN, in league with a U.K. Pharma group who’s initials I think stand for ‘Go Spastic Killing’, had collaborative programs. 1 amongst many – called ‘Men of Africa’ Inc., programs spanning, from memory, between 2005 – 2015, which included ‘Vaccines’ (A lot of Experimental ‘cocktails’) containing a raft of Chemical sterilisation ‘products’ (Brought to light by Congress of African Churches – Denied several times by U.N., but finally admitted after same Congress, sent vials to German laboratories for analysis), given to men/Women Children & including Infants (181 dead infants in 1 program). = Eugenics 101- SAFE & EFFECTIVE.. MEL! They got there before you Babe. – Carry on! Probably ‘Build on that ‘Foundation”! – COMMON GROUND!
      NOT to be outdone, whilst Young Bill’s BAMGF had ‘Agents’ Physically holding down UNvoluntary ‘Vaxx Recipients’ of his Philanthropic Forays into Foreign lands, he himself declared, when asked about ‘His & His family’s ‘Vaccine Status”, I believe Young William said; “It’s My Democratic right to choose Vaccinations for Myself & My family or not!” I’ll have to contact the 3rd World test Hamsters, & see if Bill & Mel, gave them the same ‘Democratic Privileges’!
      According to Bill Inc., I guess ‘ACTUAL Healthcare & ‘Protection’ IS a Privilege, NOT a ‘Right’!

      Entertainment news; With the Coming of Age, & the Physical/ Mental Form that goes with said ‘Age’, WHOllywood 2 (Hollywood 1 Self destructed via the WOKE Disease & the Pedos had to find another Safe Coven/ant), rising from the Post PLANdemic CON JAB-19 inbetweener Apocalypse, WHOllywood Mk 2 in League with Papal Films & BAMGF, will be producing a Modern Take on the Classic ‘The Dark Crystal’, being rebranded ‘The DARPA CRYSTAL’. Special effects units & Intro Props from CERN will be ‘Involved’ throughout, including the Original ‘Crystal Shattering’ – Technical Collaboration – DARPA/ GEC/Raytheon/BAE/McDonnel Douglas, Lockheed Martin & ‘AirBrushing’ by ‘SkunkWorks’, ALL having ‘Input’..
      A list of Players approached to play Skeksis,>
      T. Fauci./K.Schwab/ WiNe Harari /T.A.Ghebreyesus/ B.Hazzard- Austr input/ B.Clinton/ J.Ardern & H.Clinton -(Equal opportunities- let’s face it, they’ve both got to be Males anyway – Not confirmed).
      skekUng character believed to be reserved for Either K.Scwab, Jorge Mario Bergoglio > Pope Francis, or H Kissinger.
      skekSil character believed reserved for B.Gates. T.Fauci. backup – H. Kissinger
      Jen to be played – Availability dependent by J. Assange, IF he can escape from the Evil U.K./U.S. Garthim. Kira to be played by S. Assange.
      Leader of Mystics to be played by Tenzin Gyatso > Dalai Lama.
      Endless Genocided Gelflings provided by WEF/ Global pHARMa/ Various Global Govt Agencies & ART INhouse BAMGF- GAVI/UNICEF.

      To be released in Germany after their Governments SOOo Co-Operative approaches with U.N. WEF & Israeli Agendas as; ‘Kristallnacht 2 in Fernem Land’.

      Other Coming ‘Movies’ by the same ART House, in Collaboration with the BAMGF & ‘Their’ U.N. ‘Bought Agencies’, have been Spied in preproduction of a Remake of the Movie ZPG- Being Filmed in Rwanda & Neighbouring Countries. This will be filmed in real time, with NO Extra actors, Just the BAMGF Personnel & ‘Locals’, & is set to be released under a ‘Mockumentary Label’, with Title to be decided between ; ‘Into Africa’, ‘Jabs & Roads’, ‘A Needle in their Resources Stack’, ‘Vacant Land’. ‘Ebony & Obituary’. ‘BlackOut’. or ‘Tutsi Round 2 – NOT the Crossdresser!’

    2. Excellent! Can I have a go? To be DEAD-icated to the terminally dim who like playing Russian roulette with poisonous vaccines.

      The vaxxed are mugs
      Bill Gates the mugger
      Don’t get the shot
      You silly…

      Sorry, minds gone blank, it’s getting quite late in the UK.

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