October 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “NSW Police set to receive a record $5.5 billion in funding

  1. It’s so they can try and track people who wish to live on the outside of this surveillance system that’s coming into view!

  2. What’s not to like, folks? This lavish funding will provide them with the technological capability and “common purpose” training to keep NSW residents as safe as Victorians, whose “police” so distinguished themselves during KJD Andrews’s Melbourne lockdowns.

  3. Media Briefing from Parliament, the misCHIEF MINSTREL for NSW (New Stolen Wealth or cross operationally – No Such Wisdom).
    “Good Afternoon Troops, This is your Leader here Demonic PariahTIT, Please, NO jokes about THE BOSS – Breast Of Satan Sucks! Yes, we’re here today to announce that I, my cabinet & colleagues, have NO extra Funding revenues to cater for Hospital overloads, Energy system & Public utility deficiencies, transport issues, Airport hub issues, Real estate infrastructure disaster Contingencies or Mitigation, Cross the board Cost of Living price Gouging (Mainly by ALL Govt Controlled Agencies & Broad Spectrum bought watch dogs – such as RUFF – Real Useless Fucking Fops.
    Moving on! With NO blame directed at US who live above THE ‘Dust Line’, well insulated financially & out of Contact with the Greater UNwashed, I am now announcing that I have, am, Giving the NSW AZOV battalions – Er what? – Sorry! That speech is reserved for Agenda 2025, –
    (ipad shuffle) – er um – Yes, WE have allocated AU$ 5.5,000,000,000, That I found in a U.N.marked brown paper bag, under my bed when doing some Spring cleaning. SO, let’s get those extra Police officers thru PARA Military training, Military Weapons & Sniper schools, in case COVID returns, OR, Citizens ‘Feel’ it is their ‘Right’ to have ANY opinion, OTHER THAN – OURS!!
    WE, live in a Democracy, supported by AR15s/ Body Armour/ Armoured Vehicles/ MACE/ ADSs & Bio Metrics! This IS Grass roots DEMONcracy for the Future! As my great Nan use to say –
    ‘The proof is in the Punishment – Whoa – Sorry! Proof is in the Pudding! Ha Ha! – god damn bitch.
    So without further ado, & having announced this ‘Funding’ from the SCN & UNNWO – sorry again, damn U.N. ipad, – yes funding, I’ll pass you onto our newly Ordained Controller of NEO Policing NSW Recently recruited after serving as COVID Commander & Post RT -PCR
    (Real Time- Phony Credibility Result) test King RAT instigator (No not G Segal), Commissioner Orwell Dragon Stephens – CODS. Commissioner can you explain THE Program going Forward to, ‘Build Back Worse’!
    CODS: ” Yes thankyou PariahTIT! I am here at the BeHISSED of Demonic, to bring a Neo age of Repression, – Sorry, Wrong ipad. sorry Minstrel, I believe that’s your ipad. Oh, it IS Mine! – Moving Forward, Ha Ha. Yes a neo era in Policing! NO Criminal or Citizen IS SAFE! – Um, that should be Criminal is safe! We have the Funds, the Moxy, The Poxy, & the Foxy to Outwit ANY Future Crime, Intentional or NOT! Part of our Arse & All is – what? fuckin microsoft. YES! Part of our Arsenal includes ‘E’ EVERYTHING, developing Cyber access to every Metric of & on Humanity – WE’LL GETCHA! For those WHO -(Sorry U.N.invited reference from a Clobal Genocide Cabal) – For those ‘who’ think Future Crime has zero effect, our ‘Operation HALO’ has already been instigated @ ‘Warp Speed’. -Op HALO = Hell As Living Organisms.
    With OUR Specialised Forces @ Cyber Group OVUM (Operationally Vacuous Useless Morons), we recently Detained an ‘Offending’ pregnant Female on ‘Pre Thought Crime Profiling’, with a ‘Data’ Minority report on her Foetus, per a ‘Match up’ on a RT- PCR test, when SHE was 2 Months Pregnant. Result; WE @ OVUM arrested the ‘Mark’ just after SHE had a CON JOB-19 ‘Jab’, THE ‘Pre Crime Assailant’ Foetus was now 4 Months & Aborted! WE straight away grabbed THE future ‘Assailant’ Foetus which we are now holding In Vitro until Charges can be laid – Survival permitting, & have Detained the former Mother for Aiding & abetting a future U.N.proven criminal! So you can see All of this Resources & Funds are going to a Productive end!
    Recently, as well, as Chief Minstrel Demonic has referenced, & with The USAless September 11/ 2001, which has NO reference to Reality anywhere on the Planet, except WANKing over another Civilisation before Genociding the Nation on Phoney Trade Embargoes & then FULL ON Slaughtering the Bastards & grabbing their ‘Stash’, WE @ NSWPOL, have been, with current Swindle Ukraine in mind, been targeting Russo ethnics! Just last Month we blew, sorry, Expanded, the OVUM budget, by Non stop 24 Hour surveillance of a Model Aero Club. using Thermal Imaging Technology,- during Daylight hours, we observed what appeared to be Russian Aero Modelers, flying Model planes possibly as a Prelude to crashing these 1 metre wide craft into Sydney Harbour bridge/ a Model twin towers/ A long life Food cannery/ a baby formula factory or a Kindergarten Swing set! No arrests have been made at this time, but, VIGILENCE I SAY, IS MY LAST WORD! After that last word, can I just say, that the Calibre of Officers, that we recruit today into the NecroMonger Police Forces, will – ShiT! The Calibre of Orifices – THE Calibre of Officers, that we recruit into the NSW Police Forces, will ENSURE, that the General Pubic will have complete Fear,- Will have Complete FAITH, in OUR Oppressions- IN, OUR Operations, & know that Drone operators WILL NOT be able to ‘Moonlight’ UBER Meal deliveries after Hours! – The Operators ARE ‘Trace Tracked’ as well! FOR CHRISE SAKES – Can someone get ME a WORKING ipad?
    THIS SHIT CAN’T BE WHAT WE GET FOR AU$5 BILL & CHANGE!! – Shit! All of these ‘E’ Gadgets are supplied by PRC! Can you get Operations @ OVUM to see if that stands for ‘Positively Radical Comeupnorthernterritories’? THAT MIC WASN’T STILL ON? Better hand you back to Minstrel Demonic!”
    Minstrel D.P.; ” Yes thankyou CODS. Further to the Commisars rant, we will we looking to ‘Policy’ inspiration from our Controlling Fathers – er Contributing Fathers – What? Apologies to All, everyone, everything for Offence! Yes, ‘Controlling Singular/ Plural They’, what? Co operations they’, to further Their AGENDAS, – er, Our AGENDAS, er ‘Outlooks’ for the Collective Futures & say to those ‘Struggling’ with the Outcomes of OUR Collective Strategic Geo Engineering Programs, we would ‘Help’ You the Citizens, but WE, do not have the Spare Budgetary Resources to Waste on You – er, spare resources to relieve you, but, COOE to All of You!
    (COOE – Cult Of Elimination Ethos). By the way, Who’s ipad is this, & what does PRC mean? Hey CODS, have you got my ipad, & are these all ‘Trace/ tracked’?”

    Recruitment Note; Join NSW POL. ‘Earn’ Merit badges & Campaign ribbons, including the Popular 7 NSWPOL Tactical Response Ratio to 1 UNarmed Citizen Melee Ribbon – Shared with SCN in VICPOL. The RARE NSWPOL & VICPOL Combo ‘Shared’ UNdercover ‘Dog’ Ribbon -(K9 Units NOT Eligible), Much desired ‘Indiscriminant’ Rubber Bullet Deployment & Accompanying NON required Facial Chemical Deployments Campaign Ribbons – Score an Extra Bar for Elderly Citizens. & for Hard Core Deployments, the ‘Fluro’ Medal for ‘Surprise Contact & Bitumen -Concrete Slam Dunk’!
    ALL Training in ‘Non Violent Protest’ TAUNTING Techniques, Camo Response Unit ‘Strutting on Take Downs’ & Aggro Provided IN HOUSE with ‘Personalised Trainers’! NSWPOL, would you just Wanna be Trained by ANYONE ELSE? Soon – Reciprocate NSWPOL & VICPOL – Strong Cities Network Meets SMART Cities Network – Combo – WE got The MASSES Collective ARSES! –
    For those Missing out on Regular Military Insertions, & wanting a Step up in NEW Sciences & Policing Combo Antics, Join the ‘Deep Fryer Corps’! Be Exposed to the Wonderful World of LRADs & ADS- Active Denial Systems! – Join THE ‘Unit’ That can make People ‘Dance’ via Micro Wave ‘Emissions’ up to 300 Metres away! Yes that’s Compliance in the New age, without having to ‘Engage’ with the UNwashed for Me! – Sponsored by your Friendly Raytheon & BAE – ‘Silent Guardians’, GOT YOU & YOUR UNIT MEMBER’S 6! (Join Now before midnight 32/July 2022 for special E ribbon & Lapel badge! Graduate with merit & join the Elite branch of this Group –
    Tactical Observer Secret Signals Elite Ranger & become the Complete TOSSER!
    So with a budget ready to be dropped into a Black Hole, join NSWPOL!!

    YES! & SOOoo it’s NSWPOL for me when it comes to ‘SAFE SURVEILLANCE OF ALL’!
    – I SEEN YA, RUM CORPS!! Historically NEVER RUDDY LEFT THA JOINT- well alternatively, Modern times, perhaps they brought or confiscated their own Spliff!! – BON CHANCE!
    Another God Damn Book!
    Wellness ‘n All.

    1. YESS! Entertainment updates from NSW FINANCIALS! KA BOOMZA!
      TASLE (Take A Straight Line Entertainment) @ the behest of NSW gov.WANK.Org, as part of THE NSWPOL financing Package, & subsiduary Support systems Good Cop/ Bad Cop Program present for New South Welchmen/Women/They, a Beyond Blue & into the FULL Red psychological SOIREE entertainment event for FOOL diversion of Current Enviro Engineered Swindle Eviction to NSW MegaSMART City 1, ‘CONfined LifeStyle’!
      WE @ TASLE can Confirm, for NSW Citizens that THE VATICON, HAS heard Your Prayers & calls of Desperation, while YOUR Insurers Collaborate with .Gov.Agencies to ‘REAM’ you Collectively!
      BOOKED & Locked & Loaded, Dates (Not Yours) are fixed @ Sydney Gala, for Sept 11- Agenda 21 years ON – Coincidental along with NSW.gov. local referencing. ALL are welcome (except citizens of Russo extractions, OR, their Pets, OR outlooks, OR non supporters of UKR Gov/MSM/SM ‘Narrative’, Or other Narratives – COVID, STILL in vogue, Maybe until Monkey/ Hanky/ Org Vege Pox is ‘Tag Teamed’).
      Featuring Direct from CORE believers (Club Of Rome Ethos), we have THE White Pope, supported by Legendary SATANIC group Pariah (NSW Chief Minstrel Cameo ‘Mamensake’ appearance on ‘String’ Theory Section), in the Rock Epic Opera – ‘Cardinal SIN’! Featuring Pope Francis ‘Covering’ PAN-TERRA (Geo Storming) & RAMMSTEIN’s Classics, including NSWPOL Favourites – NoHast / Stripped/ Riot squad lockstepping ‘Links 2-3-4’, Current Energy enveloped ‘Benzene’ & that Outback NSW trooper Favourite ‘ENGEL’ fridges for 4×4 Taking to the Country Overeach! Lazer/LRAds & ADS’s & Bio Metric ‘ON STAGING’ – ‘Effects’ provided by NEO Back up by Unit. TOSSERS @ Cyber Borg @ NSWPOL for Century 21 REALITY & FUTURESCOP!
      Opposite to the White POPE, playing as SATAN’s Spawn, recruitment was U.N.available for ‘Cross Border’ Import OberGruppenFuhrer Dan Andrews, WHO (Yes ‘They’ are part Sponsors), who was Not available because of previous commitments to filming of ‘The last days in the VIC Fuhrer Bunker’ series, so instead, & Great Cost to the NSW ‘Public Purse Trough’ GRUNTER (Govt. Recuperation Usual Navvy Totalitarian Economic Revenues), Chief Minstrel Demonic PariahTIT, (Apparently NOT spritually/ NWO/ Ritually – NOT related) has ‘Secured’ the Special Services of The Jesuit Sucking General to appear in the same Operatic production as ‘Ebony PRIME’! HIS ‘Darkness’, 1` Adolphin Nickelarse.(Not an ex Navy Seal with inbuilt anatomical anti rustproofing), DID confirm appointments on Sept 11/ 2022 Opera ‘Cardinal Sin’. A.D while confirming HIS TOTAL Adamant commitment to Jesuit Propery Codes & Ethos, would NOT be relocating HIS ‘Troupe’ to NSW until ALL ‘fees & accommodations’ were PREPAID! -LUV Moral Folks! & all ‘THE NUMBERS’ had ‘Alignment’!
      Further; His Darkness, Confirmed the Global GEEsucks’U’IT groups ‘Investments’ in supporting the ILLS of Depression, including Local ORstralians of all levels of Society, but Really, the most Strategically ‘Vulnerable’ – THE Middle Classes. To this point, THE GEEsucks ‘ORDER’ has invested heavily in Blue Paint manufacturers, & with Renewed delight & vigour, AND ‘Profitability/ NPO @ the ‘Australian Continent’s’ usage of said product & endlessly painting Dead Flora, His Darkness & Entourage, Humiliated by astronomical Profits, have given ZERO discount for their Collective Performances, in the up coming Events!
      H.D. had also been referenced as having been seen & quoted, in liarison with Chief Minstrel Demonic PariahTIT, that a Policy of SHOVE IT,(Social Hicks Obfuscating Violent Ethos – Intentional Tasking) was the best effective Collective Agenda for ALL Enforcement Agencies against the U.N.washed Mass-s, religious Rites observed, OR having been collectively strategically, spiritually, swindled, on their ‘Leveraged’ TITHE OR NOT!

      Stay up to date on Take A Straight Line entertainment for further Entertainment, Science & Medical News & GOsip! It’s ALL about BOUGHT CONsensus!
      Gotta GO! Fresh News breaking out of Switzerland, about a 30 BILLION +Euro, Buried particle accelerator run by Doughy NUTS (Notoriously U.Nscrupulous, Technical Swiss) that’s of huge con-CERN! The God Gene = DNACuckoo! DNACuckoo! DNACuckoo!

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