NSW Police: Utterly Compromised

One rule for them and another for everybody else.

‘It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!’
Source: TGA
How far would you go to protect your mates?

Why do NSW Police think they are above the law?

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PM’s phone call to police chief an inappropriate attempt to use position, former top judge says
The ScoMo/Fuller affair

NSW Police Commissioner admits increased enforcement is not based on health orders
An insight to the mentality of NSW Police

NSW top cop reveals how police will stop Sydneysiders visiting regions
Looking to holiday in the regions? Think again!

NSW police officer probe over virus letter
Alexander Cooney lets Fuller have it.

Police cars flood Western Sydney streets for “compliance operation”
All for your ‘safety’.

NSW Supreme Court slaps down public health order challenges
The false courts allow this to happen.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to retire next April
Fuller will be out of here after the damage is done!

Australia and the Sydney Siege False Flag
The usual suspects have long been corrupt.

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7 comments on “NSW Police: Utterly Compromised”

  1. the NSW Police force is a private company, NOT a governmental body. Details:
    Company name: NSW Police Force
    ABN: 43 408 613 180
    Main Business location: NSW 2150
    Trading names: NSW Police Force, NSW Police, NSW Police Department NSW Police Service.

    This means it is a Pty Ltd and a private company. The officers are employees including the Police Commissioner who is, in effect, the CEO or Executive Director and subject to the same laws as any of us.

  2. This young bloke is really good. Nice expose of four crooks: Fuller, Elliot, Barilaro, Lanyon. Business as usual in NSW, I guess. I suppose the best that can be said about them is that they are not as bad as their Victorian counterparts.

  3. For decades the NSW police and government were owned by the Mafia. I doubt anything is very different now.

  4. Talk about corruption! which is what this wonderful reporter did so well. We’ve seen of late just how the system works, and it’s definitely not for we the people, but many thanks for a delightful expose’ and I for one would like to see a few more done by this same reporter, who added some humor which we need a lot more of during these dark days.

  5. Trust no one, my father always said. He was spot on, especially when it comes to gov & the establishment

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