December 5, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: A light of freedom shines in Australia’s darkness

  1. Hold the line, people. We had a win here in Adelaide this week: a group of ca 60 of us forced/convinced the University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor, Peter Hoj (formerly the V-C of the University of Qld) to back down from his planned quax mandate (of course, the Uni gets a lot of funding from pHARMa for vax/drug R&D…all very unhealthy activities, needless to say). A letter was sent to him in December. We believe that it was our mention of the likelihood of him incurring personal damages for death/injury related to the mandated quax that served to focus his mind, rather than the voluminous scientific/medical reasons not to quax, which we also provided.

    Now I am turning my attention to the Director of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Vincent Ciccarello, who has just imposed an egregious quax mandate for ASO performances (mostly at the Adelaide Town Hall) this year. I am obtaining legal advice before making a move. The ASO joins the State Opera, the zoo and Adelaide Oval as quaxtraps.

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