October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “Convoy demonstrators hand list of demands to parliament

  1. I see that Ric Bosi has distanced himself from those who have presented this “Letter of Demand”…says we should not be trying to negotiate with politicians on such matters as quax mandates. Says it is much bigger than this, it is about the sovereignty of the Australian people. He seeks to approach the Governor-General, who must dissolve parlt, and appoint an executive council to enable “a free and fair” election in three months. But what if the GG fails to “present himself”? I am afraid I have little faith in Hurley. I heard that “he has scarpered”, i.e. done a cowardly Justin Castro.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Definitely much bigger than the mandates.

      Rennick’s ploy doesn’t make sense neither. Nobody needs toxic injections (“traditional” nor otherwise) to prevent illnesses.

      It’s way past time that Big pHARMa was eliminated along with the colluding scum known as politicians and all were brought to account and SEVERELY dealt with. They are not to be negotiated with.

      How’s the Judicial Review going?

      Have made initial contact with Jim. What’s the latest with Adelaide Uni?

      Some interesting reading I have just started on:


      Take Care, M.

      1. Buggar! & here I was thinking that ‘THE Yanks’, actually ‘Invaded’ US, back in 1942, under the ‘Guise’ of Defence of THE Australian Nation, after ‘Conditioning’ (AGAIN), The Populations TO, ‘The Yellow Peril’s’ Orchestrated , Sorry!, ‘Surprise Attack’ on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii! Apparantly “A day of Infamy!”
        OUR ‘Preemptive Strikes’ in the ‘Modern Era’, are ‘Perfectly O.K. of Course.
        Mmm, 1942, & ‘THEY’ are still here! Must be waiting for the NEO Emerging Yellow Peril! How uncanny of them!
        As for ‘THE Local’ ‘SYSTEM OF EVERYTHING’, WHY are the Folks actually ‘Surprised’? It’s just an ‘Extension’ of the Original ‘Rum Corps’ Operations! Obviously this, and Other Sagas in Australian History, mustn’t have been written in ‘Permanent Marker’, & TOO delicate to ‘Expose’ Citizens to! Now Where’s that song ‘Behind Closed doors’?
        Good effort. Still going thru/ Sorry, ‘Through’ (& that’s GAOL for the ‘Criminals’, not Jail) your provided Link. Thank you! I gather the ‘Bank of England’ (Rothschild) GRAB of our Federal Reserve, & the ‘Parts’ in it By Liberal/ Labor Parties of Australia, Get a Mention? Along with ‘Australia’s’ Signing up to the Lima Agreement (1975)- ‘Redistribution of ‘Wealth”( Usual Globalist ‘Movers & Shakers’ Kissinger Inc., Criminals, all in for the Photo shoot), & – GATT?
        Wellness to ALL!

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