October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “Media: Latest round of MMAMV events held in Australia

  1. Good coverage, Ethan. Well done, Mal (Adelaide). Big numbers in Perth…and why not, having to deal with a moronic little tyrrant like McGowan. Port Douglas looks like a nice place to be out and about protesting.

  2. A huge thank you to all the incredible people being the voices for us against appalling tyrannical Australian state and federal governments and to Tott News.

    So many incredible people and groups fighting against hideous tyrannical Corruption and conflicts of interest.
    Farcebook is a democracy destroying joke so many of us are continually heavily censored blocked impeded banned monitored restricted and comments removed and it’s getting worse I am on permanent restricted and at this time I cannot do anything not even like a comment for a month it’s immoral against our rights and repulsive and Mr Zuckerberg and his world economic Forum and pack of Tyrannical globalists and head monstrous tyrant Klaus Schwab.
    Perhaps everyone could look at getting a page on Truthbook by Jamie McIntyre from australian national review alternate news.

    The Australian government vaccination policy is totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    Likewise for mainstream media empires and there is no independent body whatsoever to nail these criminal tyrants.
    You never get the truth from mainstream media empires and governments and the entire internet has been hijacked and freedom of speech freedom of opinion freedom of expression of different opinion to that of governments agendas and narrative has been absolutely murdered and the people of Australia and the world are in the fight of their lives for their lives against terrifying totalitarianism.

    See this information on the death of Shane Warne.
    Shane Warne’s death: When Australian great revealed that he was put on ventilator during battle with Covid-19 | Cricket – Hindustan Times.
    He had received two Covid jabs and then after the covid jabs Shane contracted Covid infection in August, 2021

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