When governments seek to become our new-age gods | Video

What is often overlooked is that totalitarianism is more than just a political system, it is a fanatical religion; one that is spreading with a ferocity not seen since the mid-20th century.

“The State takes the place of God … the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship.”
– Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self.

Totalitarianism shares many characteristics with organised religions.

Instead of a prophet that transforms the world, totalitarian movements are built on the belief that mankind can ‘recreate’ the world and usher in a ‘new golden age’.

This, however, can only be constructed under the direction of the all-powerful, all-controlling State.

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2 comments on “When governments seek to become our new-age gods | Video”

  1. They are sacrificing the children now with the Jab, the more the cult takes over with its sacraments of face mask, booster shots, and green tick passports the further away gets the opportunity to expose the beast.

    As was stated in the clip building a counter-economic resilience and holding true to our humanity is a pathway leading away from the masses heading for the cult of totalitarianism

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