December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Major reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework begins

  1. Australia (much like the USA) has had no restrictions in surveillance of citizens. Why wait for evidence when you can go fishing for it, or even illicit it. No matter how good these laws are, criminals.. the real ones, will simply go back to ANALOGUE and sent postal mail and notes etc. Electronic communication is dangerous for anyone now.. even people like me who not only resist the insane vaccine push but also the degradation of our government and promotion of smaller parties. This according to Australian authorities is treason or at least sedition. So.. what do I do ? I use encryption where necessary. I use proxy servers, and I actually have returned to sending letters. Why ? No I am not a criminal, I just treasure my RIGHT to privacy and the sanctity of my own rights to participate in a democracy unhindered.

  2. “AH, My NEW SMART Mirror with inbuilt lighting & filters! Testing – Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Trustworthy Australian Government of them ALL?”
    “WHAT? Hold On Mirror, I’m asking the Questions Here!”
    Mirror: :YEH! & I, Along with Your ‘E Universe / Home Security System, Fridge, Microwave, Wall Oven, Toaster, Dish washer, Washing Machine, T.V., HiFi, Mobile Phone, I Pad, P.C., E Tooth brush, Fitbit watch, ‘Edison’ your New S.M.A.R.T. Lighting System, ARE ALL ‘Listening’ to YOU & YOUR MATES discuss Crap for the Last 3 Years! Now put some Clothes on, That’s Disgusting! Can I call Jenny Craig for you, Organise some up to date clothes on Amazon, & top up the ‘Paris Creek Brand’ A2 Milk/ ‘President Brand’ Cheese/ in the Fridge – E Health warning on Red Meat; Cattle & Sheep are responsible for ‘CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY’ & a THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY’, Because They Fart & Affect Planetary CO2 Levels!”
    “Um, Mirror, Is your ‘Program’ really suppose to relay this ‘Interpretation’ of information, I mean it’s Somewhat ILLOGICAL! WHO told you this?”
    Mirror; “NewThought’ is our Convenience Co operations Logic System for ALL. Now can we Co Operate & Continue? YOUR Voice Activation Required for ‘Training & quality Control’.”
    “O.K. carry on.”
    Mirror; “NO, Your Name, Date of Birth, Current Address COMPLETE. We are here for Your Convenience. You / WE Co Operate in Submissions, or ALL of Your Systems WILL NOT come back ONLINE! Thankyou Dave.
    Carrying on Dave;
    Log that 60,000 Km Car Scheduled service @ Your Branded Dealership You & your Mate Bob Chapman were talking about 4 Days ago @ 13;47;31sec Hrs W.S.T., Dim the Lights because your watching that same favourite ‘Grand Designs’ program @ this time Every Tuesday, & your ASUS P.C IPN Address www #1236662022. Needs a Software upgrade for Co operative Tracking.& faster Refresh Rates, for YOUR Convenience!”
    “Mirror , Mirror are YOU ALL watching Me?”
    “NO! Now put some clothes on, The Thought Police are @ the Front Door, regarding your Comment Yesterday on Scomo Being an Apex knuckle dragging SINO Pratt, as you were watching StrategicBullshitService news! WE, who are E Legion, are here for YOUR Convenience.”

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