October 1, 2023

12 thoughts on “Dan Andrews makes first ‘pandemic declaration’

  1. Anyone who complies with any so-called mandate or societal restrictive measure the acting puppet tries to cage us into is in my opinion a traitor! Compliance results in this outcome and if any member of our society is dumb enough to believe in the political narrative of there being a friggin virus spreading mayham amongst us and the globe then they can go and pick their snot under their crappy face masks while absorbing their leaders’ directives but God help anyone of them that crosses my path. Dead genetic material such as viruses can’t jump up around when their dead!!! That’s precisely why we have scavengers, such as bacteria to eat them. Dick Andrews can start customising his coffin.

  2. First of all, kudos for the Dan Andrew’s images you’ve chosen! They are perfect! Any and all future imagery used should be chosen on the basis that it makes him look like the perpetual fuckwit that he is.
    Secondly, it doesn’t surprise me at all that this clown would use his newly approved powers so quickly. He has his orders. He’s carrying them out. Simple as that.

    1. There is something missing… for a long time I have seen photos of this dictator where the black mustache would finish the real photo perfectly. As it seem the majority of our Pollies and sheeple have missed history big time, and I am only going back some 50 odd years80 years… YEs Adolph Hilter and his helpers experimenting on Children Dr Joseph Mengele…. and Pfizer has docos showing the massive side effects and even Billy Gates statement that we ahve MORE deaths in 2021 with jabbs than in 2020.,.,. Well why I even he surprised, this is happening around the world.. look at Gibrartar, Israel, next SPore… and now us… HOW can they not been sacked on the spot!!?>? BUT we must continue to speak out,.,. next rally sunday…..

  3. I’m often reminded of this famous quote: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F. Kennedy

  4. Some of The WORST Tyrannies in History, have happened under TOTAL Compliance.
    COVID ‘Something’, is just Another GLOBAL M.F’n DECOY!’
    I, MY Partner, My kids ARE ALL HUMANS! And I AIN’T becoming Part of the Klaus Schwab, Dustin Moskovitz, Bill Gates, George Soros or Current Rothschild, Et Al ‘Global Psycho Pratts ‘R’ US CABAL of THE New World Order, which ‘Recodes’ US as A ‘COMMODITY!’
    Can’t make THE Scene, if Ya Don’t Vent Ya Spleen!
    Orwellianess to All SHEEP!
    Wellness to the rest of us!.

    1. Good one, John. You have listed some key global-parasites. No wonder these scum try to ban Ivermectin…it kills ALL parasites.

      Sad to see the once-respected Peter Doherty trash his reputation by accepting the Gates-pHARMa thirty pieces of silver. The same applies to John “Anton LeVay” Skerritt, head of the TGA.

  5. This Covid show will roll on until the masses reject it. So far the ‘spooned’ masses embrace this total Peter Pan nonsense. The whole virus mantra is a 50’s hoax.
    The Globalists behind this fairy tale also manage other world class myths.
    What everyone here needs to understand is no ‘virus’ can attack a healthy person.
    Some basic human biology lessons confirm my point. The human life form is a living mass of trillions of creatures all designed for a purpose – to keep you alive.
    The current wash wash wash mantra will slowly kill you, you are washing your surface defences down the basin. Even using antibacterials is slowly killing you.
    The massive biome which covers every sq inch of your body must be nurchured not destroyed every time you wash. Washing film and grit with normal soap is fine, washing with antibacterials destroys both pathogens and healthy bacteria. As we all live and exist in a massive bladder called air, we are constantly walking thru a thin soup of living life forms. We eat, we breath, we shower, we poop countless life forms till the day we die and then they even finish off the ‘Job’
    Fear no virus or pathogen. All you have to do is eat a natural diet, restrict the processed stuff that actually feeds pathogens. If by chance you do suffer a cold or flu relax, it’s just your body alerting you to some health issues. Control your personal abuse. Booze, drugs, fringe activites all harm the ‘Establishment'(your biome) Disrupt the biome and it will disrupt you. Be friendly to the small creatures and they will reply in kind.
    For anyone interested in the whole covid Agenda seek Dr David E Martin. He is the full bottle on where it all began. Happy reads.

    1. AH! CO Operation of Systems! Now isn’t that Naturally Easier / logical/ historically the NORM of ALL Operations. Apparently, Humans are @ WAR, with Everything, EVEN Ourselves!
      DAN, last time I looked Buddy, We are ALL about 65% Virus + Bacteria + Fungi – EVEN YOU!
      ALL just ‘Getting Along!’ I Know there are new Variances in our Operational Environment, But generally, WHAT’S CHANGED??
      As for Hygiene Options Please DON’T let some of THE AMA/ ILLNESS SYSTEM [CAN’T be ‘Health’, otherwise People would ‘Improve’] Medics Know! Apparently if it AIN’T Synthetic,
      it’s on the TGA/ Medical reference as Pathetic, when the rest of us Know it’s to keep us Athletic!
      How I miss the Docs of Yesterday, & they even had a ‘Bed side Manner’, Not Hammered into them, it seemed, There’s that word again, Natural! LOL.
      This is NO ref to ALL medical staff!
      Last; Still AMAZED, that a NON LIVING Entity [Virus Full Stop] – Corona Virus, our NORMAL variety, or New, can ‘Tell the Time’, KNOW what Day it is, AND ‘Read a Calendar!’ = Dan Andrews Confirmed Pandemic Declaration 11;59 P.M. Wednesday 15 Dec/ 2021.> Wednesday 11;59 P.M. 12 Jan/ 2022. Bugger! IT ‘Knows’ it’s ALL Kicking off just before Midnight! Hope it brought a Torch!
      That Virus! Screwing up Xmas & the New Year – BARSTARDS!, & is PROPER CLEVER!!

      HOLY CRAP! Good News, we’ve Got some Petra Chemical for that situation!
      Now I’m just Depressed. Good News we’ve got some Neurological altering chemicals for that!
      Now Stomachs gone Crook! Good News we’ve got some digestive Chemicals for that!
      & My bodies starting to Smell from all the toxins & Counter stresses! Good news we’ve got some personal Body Chemicals for that, with ‘Fragrance’ [Where we hid ALL those Nasty Chems, so we don’t have to declare them] under Interllectual Property!
      “Now, Will ALL or Any of these Chems Affect me & My Anatomical Buddies?”
      “NO SIR! THEY’RE SAFE & EFFECTIVE! SAFE AND EFFECTIVE WE CHANT [She’s not here is She?]! Now Please lie down. By the way, did you always have that Extra Head,or Did it develop After you started using Chemicals Mr Zaphod Beeblebrox?”

      Wellness to ALL.

    2. You’ve surely scored a goal here, Sherrin Ball, with this outstanding biology/health lesson. More truth here about viruses than in the entire MSM since Feb 2020.

      Poor old Freddie Mercury: all he needed to do was stop taking “poppers” and Fauci’s poison high-dose AZT, reduce the number of his “lovers”, and eat nutritious food…and he would probably be alive today.

  6. All these ambulance calls are more than likely vaccine reactions. Hearing from nurses speaking out, the hospitals are full of people suffering from heart attacks. strokes, embolisms and neurological issues – all due to taking the f***king vaccine! No one dying of Covid. New variant is the vaccine reaction.

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