October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “EVENT: #ReclaimTheLine declares it’s time to ‘Face The Music’

  1. I will be putting all my energy there too. We were born to be free, to be self-determining and to live in love.

  2. i’ve been reading, watching & listening to every single story on TOTTNEWS & many other indy sites & appreciate the contributions made by all, especially the comments by pundits.

    if you are happy to hear & see people everywhere protesting & making noise like they did in Melbourne to “kill the bill” you will no doubt be extremely disappointed about the outcome.

    time for a reality check… they don’t give a shit about your protests or how much noise you make. no amount of yelling & screaming or signs & banners you display no matter how accurate or true will change what the quislings have long decided but have to put on a show to pretend the public has a say via their votes or support. you don’t have a say, ever!

    the scum elites pay for the priveledge to dominate the gen. pop. via their paid attack dogs (police) & their heavier armed & organised military that are now trained for population control instead of facing enemies in combat… we are the enemy, the elites will not attack each other as it wastes money to destroy & rebuild an economy that they need to keep running 24/7. that’s why you’ll hear all over the world leaders saying the economy must keep growing.

    so then, what do we do to hit them where it hurts?

    simple, stop work & don’t go shopping. I can already feel peoples immediate reaction will be “yeah, right!, it’s not that easy when you got bills to pay & what are we supposed to eat?”. well, if you have enough energy & time to protest in front of the overlords who don’t give a flying fuck about your opinions, then you have enough time to just take time off work & don’t go to the shops. laying down your high-vis shirts won’t send a message, it will just mean you lost your shirt. so hit these fuckers where it hurts… the economy.

    when all these protesters get together on the streets or chat online, they can do more damage or create more momentum if they all stand firm & stop the economy. think about it, i mean really think about it thoroughly. if you don’t go to work, how will things get done? if you don’t go to the shops, how will big business make money to pay their creditors?

    you see, all big business runs on credit & leverage of their turnover. but if the money stops flowing, they are stuck & can’t do anything unless their employees work & consumers buy their shit.

    small business has already been decimated & any that remain will eventually go out of business due to random restrictions, rent arrears, debts, higher bills, less customers. that’s what big business wanted & that’s what’s happening.

    so, plan ahead, stock up on essentials then set a date where everyone just stops everything & just enjoys their time off spending it however they want as if on holiday but no cafes or pubs or restaurants & no shopping!

    i reckon it will take a week for businesses to get itchy & blame the govt for all their troubles & another week for the bigger one’s to start blaming them as well. then we’ll see how the so called elites scramble to put their fingers in the dyke holes when the dam has already burst… too little too late dickheads. they will literally beg the gen. pop. to get back to work with all sorts of promises & benefits & rebates & incentives which we already paid for when our incomes were unconstitutionally taxed, but that’s another story for another time.

    we have the power doesn’t mean we get to vote these cunts in or out, we have the power means we decide if & when we spend our effort to earn an income & when to spend that income.

    DON’T WORK & DON’T SPEND… it will be extremely hard & challenging & will only succeed if/when EVERYONE, not some, stick it out & stay true.

    if we do this, it will be a game changer because it has never been done before & there is no practice run or any prep the govt or police or military have made to counter this action (non-action)

    ghandi did his own non-action which the british were not prepared for & eventually fucked-off.



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