Dan Andrews admits freedom protest did not spread virus | Video

The Victorian Premier has admitted he is “not aware” of any evidence that last weekend’s freedom protest in Melbourne was a ‘super spreader’ event.

This is not about ‘protecting health’.
After continued media condemnation of the democratic right to protest, and a heavy police presence, Dan is also ‘not surprised’ either.

What do you think of this admission?

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6 comments on “Dan Andrews admits freedom protest did not spread virus | Video”

  1. I’ve read Andrews is more popular than the opposition. If Andrews wins the next election I’m packing up & leaving. The state is being destroyed economically over the weaponizing of the common cold by his Chinese friends. The survival rate is greater than 99.5% which includes the frail & comorbid & in almost all cases home rest is sufficient to bring recovery in a few days (for me it took 4 days without hospitalization or medication).

  2. Totalitarian regimes revel in confusing and demoralising the captive populace (as there is only one thing left after loss of self-respect and that is submission), so any illogical utterance from KJDan, “Professor” Sutton et al doesn’t surprise me at all.

  3. NEVER consider that THE BEAST is Down, OR Defeated,OR, NOT a further THREAT, until ALL signs of LIFE have been ‘PERMANANTELY’ EXTINGUISHED, AND INCINERATED, for ZERO further Rejuvinated/ Scientifically RE Cultured by ANY MEANS! AND, Beware the Shifting ALLIANCES of Groups such as Media, AMA, Govt /Politic Agencies & Bureaus, The ELITISTS, THE PROPER Corporations, to form NEW Pacts to avoid ANY LINE OF FIRE in all Theatres! NOTHING IS A GIVEN. As my Favourite historic observer of the ‘Masses’ Stated;

    “The receptivity of large masses is very Limited. Their capacity to understand things is Slight whereas their Capacity for Forgetfulness is Enormous. Given this, effective Propaganda must restrict itself to handful of points, which it repeats as slogans for as long as it takes for Every Member of The Public to understand, what you want him to understand by Your Slogans.”

    AND, in light of Main Stream & Social Media ‘Input Versions’ of EVERYTHING;

    “It is THE Press, above all, which wages a positively Fanatical and Slanderous struggle, tearing down Everything which can be considered in Support of National Independence, Cultural elevation, and the Economic Independence of the Nation.”
    Thanks once again for the Observations – Mssr Adolph Hitler..

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