December 7, 2023

21 thoughts on “Law firm begins challenge against public health orders in NSW Supreme Court

    1. To the site editor, Is there any update since the initial story? I am interested in the details of any verbal ‘fisty cuffs’ that goes on. Also, is Gladys not doing as many of her morning fear-mongering freak shows because of ICAC and or this law suit in question or both?

  1. About time, what they (including the other Premiers) have done to Australia and its people is
    reprehensible. I hope all the suicides are mentioned. There were more suicides than covid deaths.
    The things they chose not to find out the truth are
    1. Masks don’t work
    2. Lockdowns don’t work
    3. PCR tests do not work (criminal in just that)
    4. Children are not allowed to play in parks, not allowed to be minded by grandparents.

    A big thank you to the lawyers,

    I hope they are charged with crimes against humanity, locked up, and the key is destroyed.


    1. Whilst the litigation is welcomed, I am not so sure that will achieve anything. If you look up the credentials of Judge Sakar, you will see that he was called to the Middle Temple in London during 2006. The middle temple is one of the four exceptional Inns of court and was actually founded by the knights Templar ( a secret society within the secret society of Freemasonry ).

      If you look at their coats of arm, it shows that they are without doubt part of freemasonry, the dead giveaway being the sun and the lamb with a flag bearing the St Georges Cross. So there is little doubt that he is not part of the freemasonry and that he has been put in place for times such as these. So I would not expect much from this court hearing either.

      As I previously stated, for them to organise such a coup, they must have finally had their people in every top position in the political, civil, health, medical, business, Banking, Educational, Entertainment, Media, manufacturing, Social and Economic arena all around the world. Hence why they were able to pull such a master coup. At the top of it all is the man of sin that sits in Rome and was given his power by the dragon ( Lucifer, who claims to be the prince of this world ).

      1. Well said. I agree. However it’s great we have come that far in NSW. In Vic the govt has derailed and hijacked the class action suit of Serene Teffaha.
        In the end what matters is that we get some publicity out of it.

    2. Vaccine passport will expire in 10 year’s will corrona virus vaccine last 10years. People pay vechile pink slip green slip vechile registration insurance road side assistance to drive only 5 km. Family driving on the road with windows down with no masks and with in one metre of the vechile a person walking on the footpath needs a mask in open air.unvaccinated people giving fines to vaccinated people. People come to work from Blue Mountain and New Castle in Sydney why people are not allowed to go only 5 km. So many places in Australia in 5 km distance one of the Shop is not available Woolworths, Coles,aldi,iga,and people own culture Shop to buy food. Who is Law society of Australia to decide where people should go and do there shopping from people have there own choice according to there culture. This is a Commonwealth country not a republic country.No body law should change any bodies culture.Any Law made in any country should be approved by the Law society of Australia or there country. What is a sense having a president of Law society and worker’s sitting like allians. Court give court order to families to send there children to private Catholic schools and other private schools and the families have to take there own leave to teach there children at home loosing all leave, leave pay superannuation increasing your own bills, no outdoor sports, missing music class in school and other activities in schools, friends, there boyfriend, girlfriends etc taking everyone freedom. When families are not resident of Australia, no government benefits and by the vaccine if you get crippled Will government give them permanent resident of Australia.

    3. In Australia child support agency was closed in 2011. There is some thief’s in Australia is still running a child support agency and 80 percent companies of Australia are still sending child support money to a private bank account . There is a private company in Sydney named Auscript Australasia Pty ltd. Website http//www. auscript .com/ en-au. Email client services@ . Which is also known as Eastern appeals court of Sydney. This private company is giving court order to people and writing judge name and writing judge transcript.

  2. Go Tony! Those of us who still possess a functioning brain know full well that there is/was no pandemic, hence no genuine grounds for a “state of emergency” and all the disgusting, draconian measures that have followed. But court cases are needed to expose the perpetrators and their puppets…this will presumably go on for a long time, as there are so many traitors/quislings among us. They richly deserve the harshest penalties possible…they should not be allowed to just disappear into the sunset with their massive super accounts, etc.

  3. Ah yes, the subterranean leviathan, hides in plain site, as ritual Brotherhood,
    of the Old Order, the Templar, the Knights of Order St.John of Jerusalem;
    or perhaps the Priests of Saturn; or the Pharonic , all the symbolism the
    mystery schools, the imposing reach, and collaboration of power:
    As was stated by Legitano7, here in : the fratern, of the initiate, bond, the
    Nothing, is left to chance, of coincidence, or reckless act;
    We have seen the silence, the consensual acceptance, for self, which is
    a paramount; in the legal upper echelons of the Legal, Fratern, to the code,
    not the narrative, more self preservation: ” comprise de aliquibus morbis
    moralibus ” Comprise of the some of Moral conduct;

    Now, we will see the rats in the ranks; as already, the skuttle, the wheedling
    to excuse, to remove, has Mr. NICKOLIC, put to right, the matters in contest;
    The meaning and interpretations of the Relevant Acts, Juris-diction , the
    Human Rights Legislation, as ” their ” boy , is there for only one reason;
    to obfuscate, the law, not uphold, unless compelled, by the language and
    presentation of the facts in issue:

    It matters not , the numbers, the people, the implications of malfeasance,
    the intellectual humanity, the historical Nuremberg Code, the great words,
    of the God given grace given to every single individual: No, In this place,
    at this alter, the colour of law, the letter of law, is the destructive mace,
    where the boundaries float on water, and where morality is a sacrificial
    lamb; this should have meaning to many;!
    The infusion of an arcane spirit, to sit in this place, is the historic record of
    the fiction, the pretence of blind justice, hah:! No such thing exists:
    We, will wait and see, what is done here, we need to watch this play out:!

  4. No matter how grand or impenetrable or protected or organised, any of the Elite Entities appear to be, they are all ultimately a “house of cards” . – And they CAN fall more easily than we may think. Their perceived unassailable position is all part of the illusion. The dark forces of this world are no match for the King of Heaven and Earth. He has defeated them already. What we are seeing with this rise of tyranny, is actually the desperate death throes of evil. = ….. For anyone who wants to know more about the COVID CON- PLANDEMIC, see this 10 part video Docu-series by Jonathan Otto, Vaccine Secrets:CovidCrisis. Sign .up at, https:// – started 31.8.21, and available to view right now.

  5. Force people to get vaccinated, which could lead to death, is a violation of Human Rights. New Zealand woman death after receiving Pfizer vaccine. An independent vaccine safety monitoring board said the woman’s death was “probably” due to myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.

  6. Am I correct in my interpretation that under S51(xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution, the Federal Government is not allowed coerce doctor’s without causing civil conscription, and if this is correct then the easiest way for this Federal Government to get around this S51(xxiiiA) to stop doctors from speaking up and giving their own professional opinion and standpoint regarding these so called ‘vaccine’ jab is to have AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency do it for them by enforcing mandatory adherence to the medical health ‘Position Statement’ which is clearly stating the Federal Government political line about the ‘Vaccine’ rollout, and if doctors don’t comply investigative and regulatory action follows by AHPRA. How is this even legal?

  7. of course the slimy Hazzard wants to be removed from any litigation. He knows what he is doing is wrong. What have they got hanging over their heads that make them go along with this? Is it just that its easier to play along rather than question and potentially lose your job?

  8. I don’t get it. The Australian Constitution prohibits forced medical procedures. Section 51.23a. Voted in by Australians at a Referendum in 1946. Makes you wonder how we let them put fluoride in our water? They (the Government) know they can’t mandate the JAB (same as in the US). The legal argument would be can they coerce/blackmail/force people to do so. What is the legal definition of Blackmail anyway??
    “The simple believe every word but the prudent considers well his steps” PROBERBS 14:15

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