December 7, 2023

7 thoughts on “Brad The Hazzard: Thou Shall Not Question!

  1. wow what a complete pr**k of a person. pity they cant put a minister into the health portfolio that actually has a background in some form of health and not just an ex science teacher. thats always the excuses- oh we are in a pandemic you cant ask us questions. ok what so we wait for another year whilst you destroy the livelihoods of millions based on science that doesnt exist?

  2. Wonder how much Health Hazard scored from The Wellcome Trust et al for his assistance in implementing The Corona Coup? Have you ever seen a more gormless politician? And it’s not as if he’s without competition. When I look at the two visages in the photo I am reminded of “the banality of evil”. How to get rid of these traitors???

  3. There Ya go! from Minister Muppets own Lips; “You just have to accept it, It’s a New World Order!” Wonder if Nuremberg Trials 2.0, Minister Hazzard could review old Nazi Trials” Archive film Footage, & look Solemn, while he repeats Ï was only Following Orders.””
    Unfortunate Surname for a Health Minister – Hazzard. Currently – Maybe NOT!
    Does anyone notice the ‘Lack of professional presence/ Intellectual Response'[Feeble & Arrogant – A Bully, Redirecting attention way from their Lack of Capabilities – just an observation], of these so called ‘Responsible Upper Echelon DWEEBS?’ What were these ‘People'[Loose term] Émployed for’ again? & What is/are, their Current ‘Pay Scales’? And WHERE is the ACCOUNTABILITIES for the Physical/ Psychological, Economic Destructions of THE Individual, The family Unit, THE Small Businesses?
    When a Government or ANY Agency does NOT respect The Public [It’s ALPHA RESPONSIBILITY & EMPLOYER], then THE Public shall IGNORE them as a Collective.

  4. Brad Hazzard just doesn’t get it. “We” don’t HAVE TO ACCEPT anything from him. –
    N.W.O.? I’m assuming from his current state of mind, that he will be taking a rough ride through The Great Tribulation. I guess he’ll just have to accept it.

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