October 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “The Manufacturing of Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

  1. Superb video. We now see mass Covid psychosis, “menticide” even in our supposedly sophisticated society. The ruled assuming a childlike status…standing on the crosses on the floor, washing hands repeatedly with harmful chemicals, signing in as directed, donning harmful face nappies when told, queuing for invasive swabs and very harmful “vaccines”…all in the name of “Keeping you safe”…the list goes on. Isolate the victims (working from home; house arrest under the guise of quarantine), overwhelm their senses with constant technological stimuli (allowing no time for reflection)…

    I like Jung’s preventives of totalitarianism very much. Hadn’t realised there was a Jungian element to the ridicule I employ whenever possible to expose “the ruling elite”. Reminds me: the latest Quisling of the Week goes to the Queensland Premier, A. Stasi, for naming the even more ridiculous figure, Dr Jeannette Young, as the next Qld Governor. OMG. I’m sure all those who suffered from this deluded duo’s moronic, heartless covid diktats over the past 16 months will be thrilled at this appointment. I wonder what the current Governor, the venerable Paul de Jersey, thinks of this…no doubt he will keep his own counsel. That this is A. Stasi’s first time to win this prestigious award reflects the crowded field that puts up its collective hand each week. No doubt she will grace the podium again.

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