Prophetic words from an early General Knowledge Podcast?

In late 2018, U.S. military website Daegel forecasted a steady reduction of world populations by 2025, predominantly occurring in many Western nations like Australia.

Many suspicions about the potential meaning and agenda were raised at the time, whilst scenarios on how this could be achieved were discussed on an early podcast.


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An agenda generations in the making. Photo: WLO

Population control plans caught in 2018..


What are your thoughts about this?

An excerpt from Episode 6 of the General Knowledge Podcast, 2018.
‘The Depopulation Agenda’.

Thank you to listener Terry for the great video!
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1 comments on “Prophetic words from an early General Knowledge Podcast?”

  1. Nice reprisal of your 2018 examination of the Deagel population predictions, with views of current quax carnage added. Quite chilling actually. The countries with the largest predicted losses are Western (UK, USA, Australia)…and possibly India/African countries…I missed those, while China remains about the same. Surely they will need to bump off a lot more Asians/Indians/Africans if they want to reach the 0.5 billion total global population specified on The Georgia Guidestones? I suppose they have another, post-2025 cataclysmic event planned to achieve this.

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