Gates-backed firm releases thousands of genetically-modified mosquitoes

Something is ‘buzzing in the air’ across Florida, as a team of scientists announce the release of tens of thousands of genetically-modified mosquitos into the wild.

These laboratory-created insects are reportedly designed for population control, as a means to ‘stop transmissions of dengue, Zika and other infectious illnesses’.


What is Billy Boy scheming? Photo: SPI


Despite recent negatives headlines surrounding his divorce proceedings, lavish party lifestyle and discovered affairs, Bill Gates remains unphased in his efforts to further influence the environment.

The Bill Gates-backed biotech firm, Oxitec, have now gone ahead with plans to release hundreds of thousands of gene-altered mosquitos in Florida, in order to test an experimental new form of population control, the company confirmed in a press release.

The initial batch of mosquitoes have now been released. Over 100,000 are expected in total.

The controversial project, conducted as part of a partnership between the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) and Oxitec, will see six locations in the region host Oxitec’s gene-hacked Aedes aegypti mosquitos over the next few months.

Oxitec — which announced a collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2018 — says the new tests could help to greatly reduce populations of the mosquito breed, which is responsible for ‘spreading diseases such as dengue and malaria’.

The firm says the Aedes aegypti accounts for only 4 percent of the mosquito population in the Florida Keys, but is responsible for almost all disease transmission.

The GM mosquitos are intended to ‘reduce the number of potentially disease-transmitting females’ by introducing a self-limiting gene that sees offspring die before reaching adulthood.

Does this sound familiar? If the Epsilon Agenda applies even to the mosquito world, then what do you think the eugenicists have in store for humans?

Oxitec, a biotechnology company, has already released genetically modified mosquitoes with a self-limiting gene in Brazil, the Cayman Islands and Panama. It plans to also release the insects in Texas.

Still, the method is controversial due to the fact that a genetically altered species is being released into an ecosystem with potentially unknown consequences. 

Critics have pointed to the fact that this may open doors for firms to use gene-altered invasive species for other uncontrolled projects, which presents many problems in itself.

Interesting that Florida and Texas, two leaders of anti-lockdown pushes in the U.S., are targeted.

Oxitec’s system isn’t the only method for gene-altering mosquitos to curb their populations. This month, it was announced that researchers from Imperial College London have successfully altered the gut genes of mosquitos to spread antimalarial genes to their offspring.

The same team had previously used the gene-editing tool CRISPR to eradicate a population of Anopheles gambiae in a lab.

Oxitec faced a backlash in August 2020, when it originally released its Florida Keys plans.

In a press statement at the time, Dana Perls, the food and technology Program Manager at Friends of the Earth, said that the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes will needlessly put Floridians, the environment and endangered species at risk in the midst of a pandemic.

Now, with the world is well-and-truly distracted from the coronavirus psychological operation, the opposition has faded and the firm has now released these GM mosquitos into the wilderness.

Is this move really intended to ‘curb mosquitoes populations’?

Perhaps something else if going on beneath the surface.


Suspicions should always arise when the name ‘Bill Gates’ is linked with anything. A man (and organisation) that routinely cover up the true purposes of motives in the world.

Could ‘population control of mosquitos’ be a cover for a larger operation at hand?

Let’s take a look at other recent moves from our old friend, Billy Boy.

Recently, Veritaserum host Derek Alexander got to interview Bill Gates about a number of topics. In the interview, he took Gates back to his 2015 pandemic prediction, which has come true.

Gates was asked how he was so prescient in his prediction and just why enough wasn’t done already to be prepared for something as dangerous and deadly as COVID-19.

Bill Gates said that there were small earthquakes all the time or the history of fire, war or hurricanes, but these pandemics come so irregularly that people are “lulled into a sense of security”.

It’s almost as if it won’t come for the next few years, so “why should we put our money into that”, he added. “This one (COVID-19 pandemic) will help us understand that it has to be a priority.”

The same usual PR nonsense — but here is where things get interesting.

Alexander then asked Bill Gates that if there isn’t another pandemic for the next 100 years, “What’s the next disaster, that we are not prepared for?”

“Well, I can point out two — one is climate change. Every year, there would be a death toll — even greater than we have had this pandemic,” Gates said.

However, it’s the second thing, according to Bill, that people don’t discuss often — bio-terrorism.

“Somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus, so that the cost, the chance of running into this is, more than that of naturally-caused epidemics such as the current one.

Alexander would then ask if COVID-19 could be the last world incident to effect things like this, in which Bill Gates responded by saying there will be more pandemics.

“The ways the humans interact with other species, these viruses are coming across the species barriers whether it’s bats or monkeys.

Could the potential species for a future (real) pandemic be.. genetically-modified mosquitos?!

An interesting note to keep in mind.

Should we just ‘trust’ that the intentional release of this species into the wild is done for ‘our best intentions’, even despite the track record of the messenger?

Gates says this research will be used to mature mRNA, so that we can have faster factories all over the world”. Does this sound a bit suspicious to you?

As we have explored, there is an undistinguishable link between vaccine development and bio-terrorism activities (gain of function) that should not be ignored.

Why would anyone be okay with this type of activities on their shores?

Attention must be drawn to this new experiment that is gaining more popularity each and every day.

Importantly, we must prevent this type of ‘research’ from fully manifesting in Australia.

Domestic researchers are not too far behind this work witnessed overseas.



This recent development in Florida presents a great opportunity to raise concerns about similar activities taking place on Australian shores.

In partnership with the University of California San Diego, Australia’s CSIRO have already engineered a breed of genetically-modified mosquitoes, ‘resistant to spreading the dengue plague’.

This follows on from previous with the university to engineer a mosquito resistant to spreading the Zika virus, in which the project used recent advances in genetic engineering technologies to successfully genetically-modify the same Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The mosquitoes were tested in the quarantined insectary at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong, our national biocontainment facility, which is “designed to allow scientific research into the most dangerous infectious agents in the world”.

CSIRO believes this engineered mosquito could potentially one day be used to replace wild populations of Aedes aegypti, adding to the arsenal of ‘control strategies’ we have domestically.

That’s right — it seems likely that similar plans to release these mosquitos will reach our shores.

We are now in the early stages of testing methods to simultaneously neutralise mosquitoes against dengue and a suite of other viruses such as Zika, yellow fever and chikungunya.

They not been released yet, thankfully, but other forms of non-GMO mosquitos have already been used in the wild here in Australia. This further confirms the intended direction of the program above.

The World Mosquito Programme has previously released mosquitoes injected with Wolbachia bacteria into bushlands — but this method does not involve genetic modification.

In 2018, the citizens of Townsville released millions of mosquitoes infected with his certain bacteria, once again, to ‘prevent them from spreading the disease’.

This is starting to sound a lot like vaccine logic to me.

Inject the bugs with a modified version of a virus to ‘stop the spread’ of said disease.

How well does that work for vaccines, again?

Kelly Servick at Science reports that the program enlisted 7,000 families in the metro area to host a small tub of Wolbachia-infested Aedes aegypti eggs in their yard, where they fed them fish food and nursed them to maturity.

Eventually, 4 million bacteria-filled mozzies — as they’re called in Australia — hatched and mixed with wild populations over 25 square miles, spreading the bacteria throughout the population during mating.

The study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, appears on Gates Open Research.

Of course it does.

Let’s not forget that Bill Gates has openly donated tens of millions of dollars to CSIRO for a variety of activities and projects in the past.

Genetic modification is controversial and methods that kill off mosquito populations, though welcome by many humans, do have negative impacts on the environment. 

How long will it be before we see the same types of GM mosquitos released on our shores?

Spread the word and let’s make sure this does not sneak past our sights.


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  1. This person is an eco-maniac not a scientist. Who is allowing this crank to play his games.? It will be like the cane toads, imported to solve a problem Then…Now what could possibly go wrong ? Is this another plan to wipe out a few more million people. I do not trust a damn thing he does. Also, putting spray in the air to cool the earth ? Sounds insane to me. GG

  2. Something along these lines was done by James Cook University many years ago. I was involved as people from the Uni came to my house in Machans beach, a suburb of Cairns, to collect mosquitoes. I stood in the carport as ‘bait’ & they caught the mossies from my legs. As I recall a few years later some mossies were released they had ‘altered’ up at JCU. It would have been at least 11 years ago. I tried to look at their previous research but website very clumsy, maybe because I’m not in Oz. That Uni is funded by guess who…B&M Gates! Sandie

  3. Malaria and the mosquito — an homoeopathic view

    “The mosquito is innocent!” shouted the brash student to the lecturer who was describing the disease of malaria attributed to the parasite Plasmodium falciparum transmitted by the mosquito Anopheles agyptea. This meaning the mosquito is not responsible for the transmission of malaria as maintained by orthodox medicine. They, it seems, found that the parasite is the cause of the disease; the fatalities annually count in the millions.

    Some years later, when the student graduated, a colleague recalled the statement made in lectures when she read of the homoeopathic proving of malaria officinalis, and now knew also that the mosquito is innocent.

    The origin of the word malaria is from the Italian mal+aria meaning bad air. It was Dr G.W. Bowen, who lived on the Wabash River, Indiana, USA, a region noted for malaria, who helped to show the truth.

    Malarial symptoms have been attributed to the poisonous vapours of decaying vegetation occurring in the summer and autumn when the water evaporates by the heat of these marshy areas. Dr Bowen collected the decayed vegetable matter taken from the marshes during the dry season when the malarial toxin was most active. The vegetable matter was placed in glass jars filled with water and allowed to decompose, numbered I, II, and III according to the time – one, two or three weeks’ decomposition.

    At the end of each period, provings were made by persons inhaling the gases given off (just as if the patient had naturally inhaled the marsh miasm). A careful record of its effects were made, thereby constituting the homoeopathic proving of the crude gasses.

    Provers of I: 1-3 hours after inhalation: headache, nausea, distressed stomach, white-coated tongue. Symptoms passed in 2-3 days.
    Provers of II: 12-24 hours after, were more severe and longer lasting: fearful headaches, nausea, vomiting, aversion to food, distress in stomach, hypochondria, first in the spleen, then liver and the stomach, and on the third day pronounced chills so severe that they had to be antidoted.
    Provers of III: produced few results except nausea in 3-4 days: first extreme lassitude, chills, fever, aches and pains, impeding locomotion.

    When the substances were taken internally by the provers, the results were more severe:
    I: bilious colic, nausea, cramps, and headache. II: stomach, liver, spleen, and kidney were involved with intermittent fevers every 3rd and 4th day. III: a typhoid or semi-paralytic state forcing the provers to take to their beds.

    And not a mosquito in sight! Indeed, Dr Bowen and other homoeopaths have treated many with Malaria officinalis when the symptoms of the patient match the proving.

    Giving the mosquitoes a chance. They’re all god’s creatures says the Goddess S, who has her own divine view on how to ward off mosquitoes.

    © Cornelis van Dalen 2006

  4. Since when have “unintended consequences” deterred the psychopath Gates?
    Ah, given his JCU mosquito funding, perhaps he was behind the spurious alarmist Reef research/publications that Peter Ridd exposed?

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