Australian vaccine blood clot cases rise, deaths investigated

Eight new cases of blood clotting have been ‘likely’ linked to the vaccine rollout in Australia, bringing the total number of confirmed and ‘probable’ cases to 41.

The TGA has revealed these statistics in their new safety report, which also raises questions surrounding 210 ‘unconfirmed deaths’ following immunisation in aged-care.


New statistics released. Photo: QPL


Eight new cases of blood clots have been ‘likely’ linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout, with one patient rushed into intensive care, it has been confirmed.

The number of Australians affected by blood clots during the COVID vaccine rollout has now reached 41, according to the federal government’s health body.

UPDATE: 10/06/21
Another seven cases have been added to this total
in the TGA’s
latest safety report.

The Therapeutics Goods Association (TGA) reported four confirmed cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (blood clotting) — ‘likely’ to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine,

They have also declared four other cases ‘probable’, totalling eight new cases in total.

The four confirmed cases were a 40-year-old Victorian woman, being treated in NSW, a 70-year-old Victorian woman, an 82-year-old NSW woman and a 70-year-old man from Queensland.

The four cases classified as ‘probable’ were a 72-year-old man from South Australia, a 61-year-old woman from NSW, and a 73-year-old man and 67-year-old woman, both from Queensland.

“One of the newly confirmed patients is currently critically unwell and is in intensive care,” the TGA revealed in its weekly safety report.

The TGA would not confirm which state the intensive care patient was from.

This takes the number of ‘confirmed’ cases to 31, along with 10 ‘probable’ cases, all related to the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Of those who suffered, or are believed to have suffered, vaccine-related blood clots, 13 are in hospital and four have been discharged, but require outpatient medical care.

Another 23 have been discharged from hospital and are recovering, while one has died, the TGA says.

“Nine of these 41 cases were more serious and required treatment in intensive care for a period of time.

UPDATE: 10/06/21
TGA says a 52-year-old NSW woman is Australia’s second confirmed death

from rare blood clotting syndrome.

The most common time period for onset of TTS symptoms is 4-30 days after vaccination.

The report continues:

“When we compare the confirmed and probable TTS cases reported in Australia to those reported by overseas regulators, it appears that a smaller proportion of Australian cases are of a very serious nature.”

[These] involve unusual blood clots, such as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), which occur in the brain or clots in major abdominal veins, including those in the spleen or liver.

Safe and effective, folks.

Overall, there have been 16,983 adverse reports for the AstraZeneca vaccine and 7205 linked to Pfizer inoculations, or 5.8 per 1000 doses, since the rollout started:

The most common reactions for those who received the AstraZeneca jab last week were headache, fever, muscle pain, fatigue and chills, while those who received Pfizer reported headaches, muscle pain, lethargy, joint pain and nausea.

However, despite the newly released statistics, the TGA have reassured the safety of the jab.

“With the ongoing risk of COVID outbreaks in Australia and the potential for severe long-term effects or fatal consequences of infection, the benefits for the AstraZeneca vaccine continue to outweigh the risks,” the report states.

These reports are the first time we have been given the chance to see how the vaccine rollout has been going, after the rollout began a few months ago.

Outside of these statistics, additional investigations into aged-care deaths are also raising eyebrows.


UPDATE: 10/06/21
Another 62 death reports have been added to this total
in the TGA’s latest safety report

Blood clotting isn’t the only interesting analysis recently released by the TGA.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration also uses its adverse event reporting system to ‘closely monitor’ reports of death following COVID-19 vaccination.

During the early stages of the vaccine rollout in Australia and many other countries, 210 deaths have been reported following vaccination in older people living in aged-care:

This is perhaps the most telling statistic released by the TGA. It highlights a series of deaths that have occurred in aged-care facilities following the first stages of the vaccine rollout.

However, the TGA has not linked this interesting wave of deaths to the vaccination itself:

You see, the TGA are claiming the single blood clotting case reported in the first section of this piece is the only death linked to the vaccine — which should not come as a surprise.

UPDATE: 10/06/21
TGA says a 52-year-old NSW woman is Australia’s second confirmed death

from rare blood clotting syndrome.

Remember, death that is caused directly by vaccination — as opposed to an underlying ‘rare’ condition like this clotting — is rarely ever legally recognised in Australia.

When any reports are given to the TGA, they hand them on to pharmaceutical giants and government officials to ‘investigate’.

Something else must have caused this!

This is the usual routine of TGA, who only accept a fraction of reports sent to them.

The result of this mentality manifests in ways similar to what we are witnessing now: The TGA focuses on the underlying health issues associated with each elderly patient.

They were old and frail! It wasn’t the jab!’

Even if all 210 deaths were caused by the vaccine, this type of argument arises as their defence.

This is despite the fact that underlying health issues are rarely (if ever) mentioned when speaking about COVID deaths in the elderly. Why does this logic apply to jab deaths, but not virus deaths?

We are living in the Twilight Zone.

Thus, only one case has slipped through as ‘confirmed’, by their own definitions.

They use this legal jargon as a means to demonise free thinkers who do indeed link these 210 deaths to the jabs. Many truthers have already put up images stating that these deaths are caused by the vaccine. I suspect many reading this piece would have already seen these images.

This is technically not true, but you can read between the lines and make an informed decision.

Just be careful with sharing your thoughts, however. The TGA has already stated they will likely be handing ‘misinformation’ on deaths over to the federal police:

The Orwellian trap in play.

Our role as a media outlet is simply to make readers aware of the statistics released by the TGA, as well as the process involved with adverse death investigations.

Don’t fall for their trap.

As opposition continues to grow against the vaccine rollout here in Australia, there is no doubt these newly released reports will add further fuel to the scepticism.

Remember, we are only in the early days of this rollout.

How many more adverse events will be released as the general population heads in for their shots?



While every state and territory in Australia is now rolling out the coronavirus vaccine, the rules on who can get them varies slightly.

Phase 1A and 1B vaccinations are still ongoing after starting in February.

That includes health workers, aged care staff and residents, border and quarantine workers and their households, critical and high-risk workers, over-70s, people with medical conditions and disabilities, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over.

A large portion of the Australian population have not had the opportunity to receive the jabs.

An important note to keep in mind when reading the adverse reactions stats above.

People aged 50 have only just recently been allowed to get their jabs, while those aged over 40 can now register their details for a future booking.

Meanwhile, the median age for Australian state and territories as of 2019 is under 40 years of age:

What will happen as these jabs slowly are introduced to more of the general population?

We have already seen an 18-year-old trainee nurse included in these statistics in Australia, meaning that blood clotting is not exclusive to those who are in older age categories.

Further, if overseas reports are anything to go by, there may be additional trouble coming.

The CDC is currently reviewing several dozen reports that teenagers and young adults may have developed myocarditis — or heart inflammation — after COVID-19 vaccination.

Despite this, the UK is now pushing ahead with plans to vaccinate children as well.

What a time to be alive.

The positive? We are in a unique position here in Australia.

We have the ability to witness the world go head first into this mass experiment, and to use this information to inform ourselves and our loved ones before it reaches our shores.

Those who said blood clotting would come to Australia before the rollout began were labelled ‘crazy’ by authorities and society. However, all they were doing was watching what was happening overseas.

Perhaps this has added to waves of suspicion emerging here in Australia.

Now, as the greater world goes further towards the Epsilon Agenda, we continue to watch.

The statistics released this week by the TGA confirm the concerns of many truth seekers — concerns that all vaccines are indeed not 100% safe and effective.

Let’s continue to get on top of this here at home, before they come for our children.

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  1. Even with the mounting evidence of the harm caused by this quax, still sheeple line up to be jabaroo-ed. I don’t get it.

  2. the only immunity the fauxines give is to their makers ie; big pharma is immune to any legal, commercial, medical liability or negligence, that’s it!

    these supposed vaccines (not actually vaccines per the WHO, CDC, EMA definitions) as they DO NOT sterilise or eliminate any virus & DO NOT prevent transmission or infection once administered

    the covid vaxx’s have…

    NOT been given full authorisation & licencing by the TGA (or anywhere in the world)

    NOT passed phase 3 trials (the current vaxx drive is a trial) – we still have phases 4 & 5 to go

    NOT shown to be effective or fit for purpose (you can still get infected or transmit covid)

    most importantly for me to refuse these poisons is that the companies that make the covid vaxx’s have never made actual vaccines before, ever! all have faced litigation for fraud, false claims, serious injury, fraudulent reporting, bribes, misleading benefits, etc.

    the VP of the german manufacturer biontech was asked by media if he or his family was vaxxed. he said he is waiting for the trials to end to decide if/when to get vaxxed bc he was expecting the trials will continue for at least another 2 to 3 years before they get formal approval, can’t remember his name.

    Q- if covid is so deadly, why do you need a test?

    Q- if the vaxx’s are safe & effective, why do you need to agree to a trial & waive any rights?

    Q- if these vaxx’s are actual vaccines, why can you still be infected or transmit covid?

    i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but for fucks sake, my primary school kids have asked these exact questions.

    the TGA, ScoMo & the rest of these sold-out dogs will have hell to pay once the younger generations start to get sick & die from the plandemic hoax.



    1. Bob, you’re a lot sharper than 90% of the so-called scientists I have come across, who haven’t the courage or wit to challenge the coronahoax. The TGA’s John (“Anton LaVey”) Skerritt can now join ScoMo, Hunt, Halton, all of the Federal & State “chief medical officers” and many others at Nuremberg Trial 2.0.

      “Harvey Norman Daily” (formerly the Adelaide “Advertiser”) presstitute Rex Jory won my latest “Quaxling of the Week” award for his article demanding mandatory covax. A massive field as already assembling for next week’s edition of this prestigious trophy…after all, it MUST be prestigious and sought after, because I am always overwhelmed with contenders. ScoMo keeps putting up his hand, and indeed he is a multiple winner…but I like to share it around.

  3. So, the ONLY ‘Immunity’, is given to The ‘Vaccine/NON Vaccine [Experimental Gene Therapy] Manufacturers’ BY GOVERNMENT, & Yet, NONE of these ‘Products’ – HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY THE SAME GOVERNMENT!! – Only ‘AUTHORISED UNDER EMERGENCY!’
    What’s NOT to get? Sheeple are sheeple! The Cabal, Incorporating; Govt.,[ Politic & Agencies] Wide Spectrum MS & Social Media Platforms, Banking Systems[Lending Institutions Inc.,& Incorporated Insurances, AND Not Forgetting UN Real Estate Systems], Telco’s, Chemical Corps [Incorporating Pharma], Lifestyles & Resources Sector, , ‘Piss in their Collective Ears’, & Still ‘The Sheeple’ amble on in a Pre programmed Stupor! If you raise ANY Concerns per Subjects of Note [Even Before CON JOB 19 Rolled into Town], THE Sheep, leap to the defence of These same systems that are Screwing them over, in plain site!
    They, THE Sheep, will also ‘Grill you’ on your Information Sources, but take No issue with the Propaganda that is issued from THE Cabal!
    These observations were made, & used to great advantage by Adolph Hitler Inc.
    “How fortunate for Governments, that the people they administer, Don’t think!”
    “The Great Masses of people, will more easily fall victim to a big lie, than a small one.”
    “I use emotion for the many, but reserve Reason for the Few.”
    Thanks for the ‘Heads Up’, Adolph.
    And so goes the ‘Plain Site Installation’ of the New 4th Reich, for the NWO, with complete Voluntary Co operation of THE Sheep!
    Further; – Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a POISON [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021!
    Last; It may be interesting of Folk, per Life Insurance, being part of THE Cabal. Has ANYONE been ‘Refused Insurance Cover’ Before, or Policy Cancellations After Personal COVID Vaccination? OR, has this slipped underneath the radar, & NO ONE Knows, asks, or Hasn’t been Notified?

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