December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Gates-backed firm releases thousands of genetically-modified mosquitoes

  1. This person is an eco-maniac not a scientist. Who is allowing this crank to play his games.? It will be like the cane toads, imported to solve a problem Then…Now what could possibly go wrong ? Is this another plan to wipe out a few more million people. I do not trust a damn thing he does. Also, putting spray in the air to cool the earth ? Sounds insane to me. GG

  2. Something along these lines was done by James Cook University many years ago. I was involved as people from the Uni came to my house in Machans beach, a suburb of Cairns, to collect mosquitoes. I stood in the carport as ‘bait’ & they caught the mossies from my legs. As I recall a few years later some mossies were released they had ‘altered’ up at JCU. It would have been at least 11 years ago. I tried to look at their previous research but website very clumsy, maybe because I’m not in Oz. That Uni is funded by guess who…B&M Gates! Sandie

  3. Malaria and the mosquito — an homoeopathic view

    “The mosquito is innocent!” shouted the brash student to the lecturer who was describing the disease of malaria attributed to the parasite Plasmodium falciparum transmitted by the mosquito Anopheles agyptea. This meaning the mosquito is not responsible for the transmission of malaria as maintained by orthodox medicine. They, it seems, found that the parasite is the cause of the disease; the fatalities annually count in the millions.

    Some years later, when the student graduated, a colleague recalled the statement made in lectures when she read of the homoeopathic proving of malaria officinalis, and now knew also that the mosquito is innocent.

    The origin of the word malaria is from the Italian mal+aria meaning bad air. It was Dr G.W. Bowen, who lived on the Wabash River, Indiana, USA, a region noted for malaria, who helped to show the truth.

    Malarial symptoms have been attributed to the poisonous vapours of decaying vegetation occurring in the summer and autumn when the water evaporates by the heat of these marshy areas. Dr Bowen collected the decayed vegetable matter taken from the marshes during the dry season when the malarial toxin was most active. The vegetable matter was placed in glass jars filled with water and allowed to decompose, numbered I, II, and III according to the time – one, two or three weeks’ decomposition.

    At the end of each period, provings were made by persons inhaling the gases given off (just as if the patient had naturally inhaled the marsh miasm). A careful record of its effects were made, thereby constituting the homoeopathic proving of the crude gasses.

    Provers of I: 1-3 hours after inhalation: headache, nausea, distressed stomach, white-coated tongue. Symptoms passed in 2-3 days.
    Provers of II: 12-24 hours after, were more severe and longer lasting: fearful headaches, nausea, vomiting, aversion to food, distress in stomach, hypochondria, first in the spleen, then liver and the stomach, and on the third day pronounced chills so severe that they had to be antidoted.
    Provers of III: produced few results except nausea in 3-4 days: first extreme lassitude, chills, fever, aches and pains, impeding locomotion.

    When the substances were taken internally by the provers, the results were more severe:
    I: bilious colic, nausea, cramps, and headache. II: stomach, liver, spleen, and kidney were involved with intermittent fevers every 3rd and 4th day. III: a typhoid or semi-paralytic state forcing the provers to take to their beds.

    And not a mosquito in sight! Indeed, Dr Bowen and other homoeopaths have treated many with Malaria officinalis when the symptoms of the patient match the proving.

    Giving the mosquitoes a chance. They’re all god’s creatures says the Goddess S, who has her own divine view on how to ward off mosquitoes.

    © Cornelis van Dalen 2006

  4. Since when have “unintended consequences” deterred the psychopath Gates?
    Ah, given his JCU mosquito funding, perhaps he was behind the spurious alarmist Reef research/publications that Peter Ridd exposed?

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