October 2, 2023

14 thoughts on “Mask wearing is a form of ritualistic submission

  1. That is an excellent article.I agree. It is indeed related to Satanic Rituals. This can be also seen in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. There is more information here too.




    As a matter of fact this is all about Satanic worship and preparing the world for the coming of the “One” who always wanted to be above God. Make no mistake he will come back to counterfeit his maker and that soon enough.

  2. Yes, it’s all part of total control of the population, and of the world – as is this whole con-a-virus plandemic scam.

    Sadly, most people are still falling for the fear-mongering propaganda, and many will be lining up for the coming vaccine, which is constantly being touted as the holy grail. And as usual with vaccines, the fraud is already evident: https://www.anhinternational.org/news/promising-and-safe-moderna-vaccine-trial-causes-severe-adverse-events/

  3. Writing here because there are some poor souls who think this is factual. This is all nonsense. The part where I understand the science best (increase in CO2) is not an issue. (Wearing a mask slightly increases your normal dead space. Never has been a concern by millions of northern mothers who make a child wear a scarf before they go out in the cold.) And all of the arguments about it not being protective ignore the fact that I do not wear a mask to protect me, but to slow down the spread, giving the medical profession time to develop treatments and ramp up supplies and trained staff. I have a friend (Who lost an aunt and uncle to covid.) who got covid this past winter and was in an ICU for a month or so. She survived because of treatments that were not used 12 months before. If the virus had not been slowed (slowed in spite of the ignorant and selfish people who will not wear masks) this young woman, who had no previous health problems, had she gotten it earlier, would likely have died.

  4. Just exactly how stupid do they think we are? “Wear a mask while exercising?” That is patently insane. It is a scientific and medical fact that masks cut your oxygen 20% with each breath. Consequently, they deprive all the organs of your body of 20% of the oxygen they need all day long and all the time you wear that insane worthless rag around your face.

    The “face rag” of submission, in addition to earmarking you as an unthinking and unscientific doormat, also retains much of your exhaled air that has toxins in it that your body wants to get rid of. The mask actually works all day long sabotaging your health! But, then, the world governments don’t really care about your health do they?

    What they do care about is exerting total control over your life. And as far as protecting you from Covid-19? Well, the genie has been out of the bottle for a year and a half and if you have not already had it you are not going to get it (as long as you don’t get vaxxed). Also, if you are not vaxxed, you will not get any of the Covid-19 “spin-offs” (the South African variant, the Delta variant, the Lambda variant, nor any other) because your wonderful immune system that you were born with, and the one that Bill Gates and his henchmen want to destroy with their vaxxes, is a wonderful God-given protection against such things and has been since the beginning of time! The Powers that Be (soon to be “The Powers that Were”) would have you believe that herd immunization is either an outright falsehood or it only has a barely minimal effect against the Mighty Covid.

    This is an unadulterated lie and they know it. It is powerful and will keep all but the infirm safe from it and any of its variants. And when I say “infirm” I am referring to the same people who die by the thousands worldwide every year from the flu. Yes, the flu–remember that? That is the virus that mysteriously disappeared last year while the same segment of the population that died every year from that died from “Covid-19”.

    Take your freaking masks off! The “authorities” have lost their moral right to tell you to do anything!! They are bald-faced criminals acting in complete and total violation and defiance of the International Nuremberg Law established after the world held the Nazi war crimes trials at Nuremberg at the end of World War II. THEY should be the ones arrested and imprisoned!

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