October 4, 2022

7 thoughts on “Australia set to offer 5G mmWave spectrum licenses to operators

  1. Elon Musk couldn’t hide the truth forever. Thanks for the update Ethan. It would seem there will be nowhere to hide prepare for your cells to be perforated allowing foreign entities to enter.

    1. We serve our ‘leaders’ & the FCC with Notice of Liability for Non-Consent & Injury, see Lena Pu’s Fabulous Frequencies web site for more. Hold those who decided on our behalf to accept liabilty!

  2. We get ready for Jesus to return! This is all prophesied in the last book of the Bible. It will be dark for a time, but truth and love will prevail.

  3. Ethan a good article I read this morning covering effects of EMF.


    And my comment.
    Great article, Poor memory and concentration, Headaches…another deliberate effect not included in the list is, ‘the voice of Allah’ coded voice messages imbedded in EMF/ELF waves, a technological advancement that has been hidden from the public for over 50 years used on the masses by the U.S. military in Iraqi.

    1. Yes, Deliberate Deployment of Neurological toxins [Alumina, along with Haloids [Suitcase Alumina into Brain, & Haloids affect Bio energy systems such as Thyroid + Others] – Haloids =Flouride & Bromide, Iodine. Iodine required for Immune Systems Booster, however, can easily be Displaced By Bromide [Found in range of Foods Especially Breads, & used for water ‘Treatments’, &,along with Flouride. AMAZING; THE EPA, will NOT allow Flouride, to be released to atmosphere as ‘TOXIC WASTE’, as a Byproduct from the processing of Alumina,Heavy Industrial Fertilizer,Nucleur enrichments, BUT, IT is Perfectly O.K. to dissolve it in OUR WATER SUPPLY! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!], These Agents have been ‘Purposely’ deployed into Land/Water/Soils/Foods/Personal Hygiene items/Chemtrails/NanoTech//Household Items Incl., Cookware/Auto Industry/Building/ Marine/ Aero/Textiles/Pharma [Inclusive – Vaccines, what chance do OUR infants/Kids have @ Ground Zero development?]/Big Agri [Incl., Pesticides/Herbicides -[PAIR all these with Oestregen Hormones – Cancer Baby!]]/Military, for DECADES! PURPOSEFUL!! These Alumina particles, which ‘THEY’ know are Carcinogenic, and are resultive in Motor Neuron Process Compromisation, have been previously experimented with Militarily, changing Ion Charge of Same Alumina, Wirelessly, for ‘Mood Swings’ on Test ‘Subjects’!

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