October 4, 2022

7 thoughts on “Defence to strengthen Australia’s high-frequency radar network

  1. Australian Government Treason
    Australian Government not only selling out our homelands they all serving the same Master in Darkness not only want people energy they wanted people’s life and souls. Be sure to guard your body,mind and soul.

  2. This is exactly what they did with H.A.A.R.P after the American defence force had finished rinsing it.
    It’s not surprising considering the capability of the two systems is one in the same with only slight differences to their configuration.
    Theses systems were designed with manipulation at their core. Brainwaves, jet streams and atomic particles are all within the grasp of these technologies and we can see evidence of this everywhere.
    These systems also carry the ability to weaponise scalar energies and create very interesting effects for health and defence.
    I would like to point out that these technologies in the right hands could be used to literally save the world and heal everyone in it but unfortunately they don’t like us very much.

    1. This is no doubt why south Australia is in lock down now, so they can go ahead with this plan without suspicious eyes watching them.

  3. Further manipulation and corruption of the brains pathways of rational critical thought, memory retrieval and processing.
    Mandala effect! How much has been removed off the net, paper books have disappeared, msm historical news footage has disappeared – manipulated. What are your memories of the past? What will they be next week? Will they belong to you or will you have to pay to access them in the cloud.
    EMF and toxic metals/chemicals are silent weapons. Most of the Australian population have become compliant zombies. Go to work, eat, watch indoctrinating/distracting entertainment/msm, fuck, sleep repeat.

  4. As Gareth notes, such a lack of rational, critical thought among the populace already, especially regarding the coronahoax. Is it necessary to addle brains even more? Apparently…

  5. I would like to comment now that nobody has on my previous use of the term, “Mandala effect” no it wasn’t a typo.
    Understand this – knowledge is being manipulated while nobody is paying attention and generations are becoming more retarded and naive, further corrupting their memory and mind.
    ‘Mandala effect’ has specific meaning and significance. It has been replaced since the spider created the web and corrupted the brains of those trapped in it. Mandela effect has usurped Mandala effect because it has no spiritual meaning.
    Search results
    What is the ‘Mandela Effect’?
    Coined in 2009, F. Broome.
    Answer 1. When masses of people believe an event occurred when it didn’t, false memory 2. A belief in multiple timelines parallel dimensions alternate realities which are interconnected or one is switching between.
    Search result
    What is the ‘Mandala Effect’?
    So what is the ‘Mandala effect’? I propose it is Mass Brain Washing through the use of divination/MK programming/manipulation/ propaganda/gaslighting/hypnotic subliminal suggestion/drugs and chemicals/EMF to corrupt the mind and deceive one to ignore their own reality and memories, to sleep walk, to control. It has its roots in paganism to spellbind. The ‘Mandala’ a spiritual guidance tool used in meditation and trance induction…and has been adopted and can be found everywhere in symbolism. Quantum computing has connections with Mandala spirituality and divination.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to corrupt the mind of a retard, a little EMF/ELF therapy through HAARP, a good story on msm or a few subliminals and one questions their reality.

    1. “How do we know that 2+2=4? or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?” G.O.

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