‘Cops for COVID Truth’: NSW officer under investigation for open letter

An NSW officer is under internal investigation after signing a letter to the commissioner stating that enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions is “eroding community trust in the force”.

The letter, posted on a website called ‘Cops for COVID Truth’, claims Australians are “having a globalist agenda put upon them” and that police were being used to carry it out.


Truth coming to light? Photo: APR


A NSW police officer is in hot water after purportedly penning a COVID-19 open letter to NSW Police boss Mick Fuller, in which he claims the coronavirus saga is a giant conspiracy.

The letter, uncovered by our ‘friends’ AAP FactCheck, questions the legitimacy of Australia’s actions to curtail the spread of coronavirus, the severity of the disease and the police enforcement response.

Senior Constable Alexander Cooney, a Coffs-Clarence Highway Patrol officer, signs off on the six-page letter. The move has seemed to have caused much frustration inside of the force.

NSW Police have confirmed the duty status of the officer from the northern region is under review as part of an investigation into the matter. The force confirmed it was aware of the letter this week.

“The officer, who is attached to a specialist command in the northern region, has been spoken to,” a spokeswoman said.

“His duty status is currently under review. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

The individual in question, Alexander Cooney, has gone to great lengths to expose concerns currently lingering with like-minded police out in the field — many of which don’t agree with restrictions.


The controversy has been caused by an open letter, in which the ‘Cops for Covid Truth’ group calls on Commissioner Fuller to consider challenging ongoing rules to “restore community trust”.

The website has been established with the help of legal firm Advocate Me, who have thrown support behind the officer and have been planning a national COVID class action.

It claims many NSW Police members are “fed up” with enforcing “oppressive rules … in the name of COVID-19” and “looming mandatory vaccinations”.

“Many of us believe that we are removing our own rights and freedoms by enforcing these rules upon the community, including our family and friends.”

It calls out the fraudulent nature of statistics that have been used to justify police enforcement:

“Now that we have almost 12 months of statistical data that can be relied upon, in place of flawed computer modelling, these statistics show a reality that is far from the modelling projections, which were relied upon by National Cabinet in their response.”

Interestingly, the letter also addresses contradictions between protests responses:

“The community are (sic) confounded by the intensified police enforcement around peaceful freedom protests and how inconsistent this was when compared with the Black Lives Matter protests.

This contradiction is further destroying public confidence.”

Finally, the letter pushes for assurances from Mr Fuller that police members and the general public will be given a “choice” to receive coronavirus vaccines or not.

A senior constable with his head screwed on! 

The nature of this letter infers officers may be called upon to force vaccines on people, given the nature of directives already been instructed by their superiors.

The letter seeks to “raise the alarm that there is a global dictatorship occurring and the police force is being used as a tool to push these global and corporate agendas upon the population”.

Truth coming to the surface and a complete backflip from the status-quo narrative.

No wonder they always try to suppress those who speak out against the agenda.


Good on Alexander Cooney. This is a refreshing development to see.

We are once again experiencing the ‘calm of the storm’, awaiting the direction of the US Political Stage Show Election, before the corona-boogeyman will most likely return with a vengeance. 

We saw the exact same thing happen with BLM protests earlier this year. When it does return, and facing down mass vaccine coercion in 2021, the people will need public servants on their side. 

It’s always important to note that when speaking on complex social issues, not all police or doctors are bad per say, rather it is the fact they are part of a cult-like atmosphere, in which centralised ideology and control manipulates the greater flock to carry out their biddings.

When they go against the grain, they are dealt with accordingly.

Let’s not forget the doctor who had his registration cancelled after posting “conspiracy content” online. Or even Dr, Judy Wilyman, who has been subject to attacks for many years in Australia and shared some of these stories on the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast.

Hundreds of doctors have signed letters opposing continued draconian lockdown measures.

What about climate change? Many respected scientists are overlooked because they go against ‘mass consensus’ of the cult of scientism. These are just a few examples. 

It is one thing for a member of the public to ‘expose’ wrongdoings, but when one from within comes out, it can have a much more damaging effect.

Human beings are trained to only appeal to authority figures when receiving perceptions of the word, and thus, any breaks in the ranks threaten to break the illusive nature of the industry or department in question.

This is why they are so quick to silence any anti-establishment dissent.

More should speak up and add their voices to undeniable evidence that shows lockdowns are ineffective and the virus is, in fact, a hoax.

Make sure to spread the word around on this one.


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16 comments on “‘Cops for COVID Truth’: NSW officer under investigation for open letter”

  1. Good on you, Sergeant Cooney. Plenty more police, in every state (especially Victoria!), need to come out and call out the coronahoax, as you have. And as for coming after us with a mandatory Covid1984 vaxx…just try it !!!

  2. Seeing people arrested for statements they put on face book disgusted and frightened me. Just what sort of society are we now living in? I thought Australia was supposed to be a free country.

  3. that’s why VIC dictator dickhead Dan passed laws that let non-police forces that have complete indemnity from prosecution & no accountability onto the streets to supposedly “manage” anyone who doesn’t follow dictates of the state – Ethan pls expose this issue or at least alert your readers about what has been legislated & what we can do to counter these dangerous laws

  4. This bloke is an Aussie hero. Whether or not he is 100% correct, the fact remains that this is a well researched and well constructed letter by a sane and model citizen. By standing by his convictions to serve and protect the Australian people, he has put everything on the line and we should respect him and thank him for his courage. The fact that there is no media attention, no public reply or rebuttal from Mike Fuller and the only crumb the MSM has thrown us on the issue it the guys in ‘ hot water over conspiracy laden letter’ is the best indication that he is probably right. Senior Constable Alexander Cooney you have more support than you know.

  5. Alexander Cooney and company stand tall. The federal government has prepared for the inevitability of state police forces questioning the legitimacy of the COVID policies with the; Defence Legislation Amendment (Aid to Civilian Authorities) Act 2000; Passage of the defence amendment (call out of the Australian Defence Force) bill 2018; and the Defence Amendment Bill 2020 before parliament, allowing the ADF and foreign military and law enforcement to police Australian streets.

  6. Spoken to? I am sure he has been told to shut be up.

    So, now the people have spoken. So-called public servants’ roles as dictators are being reviewed!

    S. 456AA (4)(5) of Crimes Act 1958 spells out the penalty for failure of duty of police or protective services and the punishment, conviction or fine.

  7. Having exposed government corruption several times in the UK, I know how savage the response is by the Unbiased Upholders of The Law In The Public Interest, so I salute the courage of Alexander Cooney.

    Only by standing up, and speaking out, facing the fear that has been released by this globally-co-ordinated attack on freedom, allegedly for a virus that no-one has yet fully satisfied the scientific test Koch’s Postulates that it even exists!

    I see this global assault like an energy that comes towards me, so I create in my mind a mirror, and return it straight back to source under The Law of Karma – the only law I know that has 6 words, is free to access, is accessible to all, and is 100 percent just at all times.

    9/11 was the first stage, and CoronaVirus is the second stage, of this test of humankind’s consciousness – can we rise to the occasion?

    Best wishes, Zen, England

  8. New Scientific Evidence About the COVID-19 Pandemic
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    June 25, 2021 by ORWELLITO

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    This is an extremely important discussion that completely blows the lid off the covid scamdemic.

  9. I encourage anyone concerned about the handling of the pandemic, our politicians and our country to look into the Australia One Party. Look into their policies and watch the interviews and podcasts with Riccardo Bosi.
    We CAN turn the tide on this…. after all we are the 99%

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