December 7, 2023

12 thoughts on “Vicinity Centres reopen with social distancing technology

    1. HOW, EASY IS THAT? DON’T spend Ya Lua there!! – DO the same to Corporates ‘ROBOTICing’ their Work Forces & DON’T use the ‘Self Scanner Checkouts’!!! – That IS someone’s job GONE!
      Some of the Worst Tyrannies in History, HAVE occurred under Total Compliance by Citizens –
      WHEN, will they EVER LEARN? = I Ain’t holding my breath!

      1. Vicinity Centres; Formerly Federation Centres/Centro Properties/Jennings Properties’
        Type; Public.
        Traded as ; ASX/ VCX
        Industry; Property Development/Management-Retail property.
        Founded; 18/02/1985 – Jennings Ind.
        HQs; Chadstone Shopping Ctre. Melbourne. Victopia.
        Number of locations Australia; 60 (2021)
        Revenue 2022; $802 Million/ Nett income 2022; $ 1.2 Billion.- Obviously NOT enough!
        1200 Employees @ last count – Maybe.
        Note; 22/06/2013 Centro Retail (with an Investment ‘History’ in USA) becomes Federation Centres. June 2015, Federation merges with Novion to become VICINITY Centres. All of their Shopping centres per OZ State are listed on their site. = SO, DO, the ‘Right Thing’, AND, Socially distance Yourself & Wallet from them! – So they DON’T have to employ More PPE groomed Staff & subsequent ‘Trauma Training’!
        Wellness as usual.

  1. Hear hear! Disgusting stuff. Vicinity: fully paid-up, card-carrying totalitarians. How un-Australian can you get?

  2. Treating people like cattle is never acceptable. This is criminal and should never have been allowed to happen in this country. People need to push back against this totalitarianism and stop obeying this draconian enslavement agenda.

    1. Typical Orwellian “doublespeak”, where the real meaning is exactly opposite to the apparent meaning

  3. Only ‘goyim’ shop at malls. Gentiles love malls, I read. The rest only buy wholesale.

    Like Walmart, almost a perfect anagram for mart(ial)law, simply avoid these forced ‘processing centres’. Grow your own.

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