November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: Coronacircus continues in Australia

  1. Ethan this has had the most impact since the whole lock down show swung into action on galvanizing me into assessing what I can personally do, to not go quietly as they continue to create narratives that push the boundaries of credulity as to what they serve up to us as reasons to toe the line of the fear and division narrative.

    As Andy has said before previously on the podcast it’s a well thought out business plan that is being executed with precision and calculated timing.

    I don’t know how this might sound but the hangup I have is I just don’t care enough about the masses of stupid out there to put myself in the firing line and end up with arrows in my back from some moron attached to the feeding trough of the system.

    I am already out as far as I can go with no debt to the system, food grower, tiny home dweller etc etc, but yet they still come after you as you make any attempt to apply self sovereignty to your decisions and lifestyle choices.

    What is it going to take, where is the refuge to be found against the absolute lack of profundity of the real issues that seek to inexorably lead us down the path that history has recorded many times before today of the dire consequences of the lack of individual responsibility and the obfuscation of the state and its minions to the true end desires of control and subjugation.

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