November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Policy-making consolidated as COAG replaced

  1. Sadly this is what they want as you say – “regional Australia will never recover”. Remove the population from regional areas and get them into the ‘smart cities’. Well it is not a done deal I am sure as us Aussies are use to rising up to the challenges life throws at us. Just wait and see Mr. Morrison you may be very surprised.

  2. I’d be interested to see how this new structure fits in with other ‘Nation states’ in the Asia Pacific Region. Are other nations in our region changing to a similar structure?

    Is this reducing the power of Australian states in governing themselves in favour of a ‘nation state’ which is part of a larger Asia Pacific Regional Government?

    New structure (new normal?) may be United Nations (new ‘federal’ government); Asia Pacific (1 of 10 new ‘state’ governments and Australia (1 among many Asia Pacific countries) the new ‘local’ governments?

    Or maybe the structure will be UN (Head of 10 ‘independent’ regions); each region in like a ‘federal’ government (run by a ‘king’ or dictator); the countries of each region become like ‘states’ and states/provinces within each country are the new ‘local’ governments.

    Is this why we have seen the consolidation of local governments in recent years? Have all states consolidated their local governments?

    Third option; The head of the UN is the ‘Lord of the Rings’? And the Lord of the Rings designates a ‘ring’ to each ‘King’ of 10 regions (aka kingdoms).

    In any case ‘democracy’ is dead. Socialism (aka communism) is the new political structure governed through technocratic means. Hey, maybe our national leaders are technocratic governors of each ‘kingdom’?

    Is this why we have seen so much political wrangling over who has been leading our states and nations because when the music stops each of the leaders want a ministerial seat at the table in the emerging political structure. Ex-politicians are not content to remain such and that is why we see them continuing to have their voice heard on the many social media platforms.

    Have the Masters (aka Kings) been operating their ‘Kingdoms’ for decades already (Deep State rulers?) and dictating to nations how to slowly (and quickly now) consolidate their powers and hand them to each Master, while the masses are largely asleep and thinking life goes on as normal.

    Anyway, lots of questions to ponder.

  3. ScoMo’s Got to Go!

    Abolition of the Coalition!

    Abolish the Pollies!

    Put Labour to the Sabre!

    Albanese makes me Queasy!

  4. Privatization, Globalization and now Covid-19 Lock-down, social distancing, increased police violence, human rights dismissed, democratic governance dispatched, this is not socialism, this is administration by authoritarian, voracious, psychopathic thugs, wealthy gangsters.
    People beware.

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