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Coronavirus, Bushfires and Profiteers | #NewsFix

Problem, reaction, solution: It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet millions of individuals continue to be fooled by sensationalist coverage of the ‘coronavirus’.

Fearmongering surrounding potential pandemics is well-documented in the past and not only provides the perfect distraction for bushfire developments on the ground, but allows for the manufacturing of a new vaccine.


Israel and NSW sign ‘historic’ water agreement

The NSW government has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Israel, allowing the country to “support water management programs, help inform policies and secure the state’s water future”.

The agreement is expected to thrust Israeli ideas and technological innovation to the forefront of efforts to save New South Wales from severe drought, but many critics have raised concerns over the moves.

Why do people believe the television? | FFT

Photography, television and advertising have altered authentic human experiences to the point that ‘reality’ is recognised only when re-produced in simulation.

In the following Food For Thought discussion, we examine deeper questions behind the Australian bushfire saga and escaping mass media manipulation.

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